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11 Non-traditional Ways to Propose That'll Make Her Go Wow

11 Non-traditional Ways to Propose
Ditch the traditional styles of diamond rings, champagne, and getting down on one knee. Get innovative to propose - how about using these cute babies? Buy a cute puppy or kitten, and pop the question. Have the puppy hold a placard, or have kittens in a basket that displays your message. You will be a family already!
Buzzle Staff
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Heart shaped clouds in the sky,Taj Mahal in sunrise light
Propose Through a House
Will you marry me?
Prepare the model of a house, like the one your partner has in mind. Add the message like 'This house belong to...' on a little flag on the chimney, and a note with check boxes to answer your proposal. If the answer is in the affirmative, she'll check the second box!
Propose on the Driveway or Carve a Proposal on Wood
Will you marry me?
Have someone carve out the message on the driveway. Take her for a long drive, and when you come back, she'll see the message! Take him for a carriage ride in the park. Take him along a private trail and stumble upon the tree stump that has your message. Watch the surprise look on his face with glee!
Propose Underwater or in a Hot Air Balloon
Will you marry me?
If you are both adventure freaks, how about a little out-of-the-box idea? Go scuba diving, and propose to her underwater! For something more outrageous, have the message 'I love you' inscribed on a hot air balloon, and take her for a ride. Once you are at a considerable distance from the ground, have the authorities release balloons with the message 'Will you marry me?'
Propose with Candles
Will you marry me?
You have an incredible range of options with candles. Create a heart shape out of candles. Or, write your message with candles. You can also use a heart-shaped candle stand with an enormous candle in the middle, and inscribe the question on the candle.
Propose Through the Web
Will you marry me?
This is a techie, geeky kinda proposal. Design a webpage and confess all your feelings. Have links to your dates, photographs, vacations, and more. Pop the question and have a command button that says 'Answer'.
Record or Film the Proposal
Will you marry me?
You can record your proposal and send it to her on her cell phone or through email. You can also videotape your proposal, perhaps even sing a song, and send the video to her!
Send Her on a Proposal Treasure Hunt
Will you marry me?
Write the proposal on a card and leave it somewhere in the house. Have clues on how to reach there, and watch the sparks fly!
Propose Through Food
Will you marry me?
There's no greater inspiration than food! Propose to her through different kinds of food items!
Propose Through Personal Hoardings
Will you marry me?
Talk things over with the concerned authorities to create a personal hoarding. Have your picture on it, and confess your feelings through the hoarding. Take her for a drive and stop where the hoarding has been put up.
Propose in the Bathtub
Will you marry me?
No proposal could be more sensual than this! Use rose petals, candles, or anything else to carve the question on the bathroom floor or wall. Have the bathtub ready with candles. When she comes home after a long day, she'll head straight to the washroom and find your message. And then all you have to do is jump into the tub (wink wink!).