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Places Where You Can Definitely Meet the Women of Your Dreams

Places to Meet Women
Instead of sticking to places where you would be faced with blatant refusals, the best places to meet women is somewhere where she is relaxed and comfortable with her surroundings.
Parul Solanki
Last Updated: Dec 13, 2018
The first thing that pops into your head when you hear of places where you can meet women is the night bar where across a smoky, alcohol-seeped room your eyes lock with a pretty, hot woman. While it is true that bars across America are teeming with beautiful, single women, no woman in her right mind wants to meet the "right" guy for her at a bar.
The general problem with these "wild" settings is that women see men on the prowl in these places, who would rather have a one night stand than be in a committed relationship. It is a place where their defenses are up. So all that you would get are rude refusals, fake phone numbers, and sometimes a polite "no".
In contrast to that, you can try to meet women in places where they are relaxed and easily approachable. Here is a list of some offbeat, but good places you can try!
6 Places Where You Can Meet Single Women
Smiling couple talking to each other in a library
Libraries and round-the-corner bookstores are some of the best places to meet women. Most women you find in libraries are intelligent and smart. It is also a good place for guys to prove that there is something beyond the good looks.
You can strike up a conversation with a girl by asking her help in finding a book or recommending a book for you. Make sure that you know a little about the subject to avoid looking like a total moron.
Hardware Stores
Couple in sports store buying alpine equipment
After you have done a double take, let me now clarify why this is the best place to find the woman of your dreams. Well, barring a few, most women have no idea of what they want in a hardware store.
So you would find some women looking around with lost expressions on their pretty faces. Of course, you being there at the right time and right place would be such a boon for her.
Man and woman in a white tank tops talking on exercise bikes
A great place to meet athletic women who might even share a love for baseball! Most guys love women who not only have a great body, but also don't mind breaking a sweat achieving it.
However, remember that the best way of approaching a woman is the time before or after her workout by making a funny comment or asking her something. Do not try to disturb her or yell for her attention when she is sweating it out on the treadmill.
Dance/Cooking Classes
Men and women enjoying of tango in class
It's time to break the myth, guys. Women absolutely adore men who can cook and dance well. Making her a delicious chicken lasagna will make her swoon with delight as would your superior dancing skills in a Latin dance class.
Okay, you might not be a John Travolta but just imagine that in a class of twenty five hot women there might just be two or three men. Just think about the odds of you hitting it off with one of them!
Amusement Park/Bank Lines
Getting into the spirit of the festival
The long lines at amusement parks can be a perfect place to strike a conversation with a girl. This will allow you to deepen the acquaintance over the extended time period.
Man video chatting on his cell phone
No, online dating is not just about creepy old men and women trying to find partners.
In fact, the social networking sites have revolutionized the way we interact with people. Warning: Be picky and DO NOT commit to anything before you get to know the person up close.
Although this list might sound a bit strange, remember that the girl needs to see you not just as "a good looking" guy having fun at a bar, but rather as a person with a well-rounded personality and interests which are similar to her.
So go out there and believe me, the fact that you are not meeting her at a bar has just doubled your chances of finding the perfect girl for you.