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10 Uber-cool and Popular Korean Hairstyles for Men

10 Popular Korean Hairstyles for Men
Longing for a makeover to break the monotony of your present hairstyle? In your search for current hairstyles of the season, here is MenWit, presenting the top ten trendy Korean hairstyles for men. From more formal styles to extremely crazy hairdos, pick one that brings out the best of your facial features and mirrors your lifestyle too.
Anamika Kumari
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Do not 'dread' the locks
Hate it or like it, dreadlocks are in fashion once again. A recent and controversial trend among the K-pop stars, it takes a lot of guts to wear them confidently. From the very handsome Cha Seung-won and Lee Yong-woo to Block B's Zico, we have found that dreadlocks is one hairstyle that suits every face type.
Korean hairstyles have become the 'in-thing' in the fashion industry, owing to the rising popularity of all things Korean―movies, models, music―or the 'Korean wave' that has pleasantly surprised the world. The increasing popularity of K-pop around the world has prompted countless fans to emulate the look of their beloved celebs.

The splendor of Korean hairdos is such that they can be easily adapted by men with any length or density of hair. It instantly adds a hint of softness to the masculine appearance, which is highly appealing to women.
Short and Slick
Short and slick
No other hairstyle suits a man in a formal attire better than this hairdo. This is a simple, yet classic style that immediately gives you a fresh and sexy appearance, drawing attention to the firm outlines of the forehead. Highly recommended for a formal meeting or work place. It goes well with all sorts of face shapes, except for a round and diamond-shaped face. The trick is to pull your hair back using your fingers instead of a comb. It is suitable for men who want to keep their hair short. Low on maintenance, it relieves one from the constant hassle of managing their hair all day long.
Two Blocks Undercut With Short Fringe
Two blocks undercut with short fringe
The struggle between being young and appearing mature is finally over, as this hairstyle provides you the benefit of both. You can ask your stylist to crop two medium-sized hair tufts just at the temples. The hair at the nape is kept short while the hair at the crown and back of the head are cut into medium fringes. These fringes can again, either be brushed backwards and kept in place using hair gel or worked into a faux hawk. Easy to style, and simple to maintain, it is suitable for all face shapes except a round-shaped face.
Two Blocks Undercut With Dandy Light Perm
Dandy light perm
Recreate the out-of-bed messy hairdo, but this time not so casually! Spread some pomade on your fingers, and lightly pull your hair back at the crown and the back of the head in an upward fashion. Do the same with the hair at the posterior hairline, creating spikes away from the partition of your hair. With a moderate effort that you might have to put each day in this style, you can raise your oomph factor instantly.
Two Blocks Medium-cut With Mid-length Perm
Two blocks cut (medium cropped) with mid length perm
This hairdo complements all face shapes and befits all occasions. The hair, just above the arc of the hairline, is cut into asymmetric wisps and brushed towards the temples and cheeks. The comparatively longer fringes at the crown and just below it are permed inside out to create a faux hawk. This hairstyle works well with medium-length hair.
Two Blocks Medium-cut With Long Wave
medium cropped with long wave
This style exhibits your wild side and is a hit with teenagers. The medium-cut side hair is brushed in with downward strokes towards the chin, and the sections of long hair in the middle are set into messy waves in all directions using wax or pomade. Trimming the lengths of hair every two weeks from a stylist is advisable.
A pompadour can make you look both classy and wild. This trend allows you to straddle between looking neat and sporting a punk. Get a close crop of medium-sized tuft of hair at the right temple. Get the bangs on the left side straightened, and let them loose to add that extra style quotient. This style adds length to one's face and is better suited for men with a round face. Use a trimmer daily to maintain the length of hair at the cropped portion, lest it outgrows the style.
Asymmetric Wispy Bangs
Asymmetric wispy bangs
Guys with light and thin hair must opt for this utterly sweet and romantic look. The straightened wisps of hair, cut in an asymmetric pattern, is brushed towards the chin, or maybe swept sideways; while the hair at the back of the head, is blow-dried to create volume and brushed downwards. This hairstyle not only deftly hides a broad forehead but ensures your share of attention from women.
Anime Hair
Anime hair
Anime hair is one way to show some love for your favorite k-cartoon characters. There are many variations to this 'emo' look. Perm your hair lightly towards the outer edges to enhance the volume. A popular trend amongst youngsters, it is an ultra cool style for the cool urban guy. A point to note though, this hairdo will require time and effort.
Korean mohawk
If you are just a 'Big Bang' fan, or maybe, share the same wild spirit, then mohawks are just the right kind of style for you. From very long waxed mohawks to medium cut ones, you may opt for one depending upon your hair length. Go wild, use various bright shades to highlight the ends and/or the mid-lengths of the tufts.
Curtain Fringe
Curtain fringe
Men with short or long wavy hair have trouble keeping it in order to look neat. Problem solved; just let the hair loose. Cut your hair in layers to a medium length, part them from the middle and brush them in strokes starting from the side of the head towards the back to create a side curtain look. Easy to carry and maintain, it is perfect for men having a broad forehead and rounded chins.
Found your look already? Well, do not rush. First, find a professional hair stylist, if you do not have any yet. Consult him regarding the suitability of the hairstyle with your face shape. Ensure that there is an alternative makeover ready in his mind, in case the first hairstyle does not work right for you.