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Qualities of a Gentleman

Kashmira Lad Nov 23, 2018
Nothing can be more pleasing than having a well-mannered and -groomed man around you. This write-up gives you the basic qualities of a gentleman, which many women are always in pursuit of unknowingly.
"Courtesy is as much a mark of a gentleman as courage."
- Theodore Roosevelt
In the olden days, there was a time when the market was flooded with books that taught people about etiquette and how one should conduct oneself in public.
Probably the modern men and even women of today may not really identify with the kind of social rules that were laid out in those books. Chewing food with your mouth open and rude behavior are just the basic rules that were laid out. Some of these hold true even today.
Common courtesy is one such thing that is truly uncommon; be it men or women. Given here are the qualities that every man should have; not only for women to like him, but also for the everyone around him to hold him in high regards.

Well-groomed Personality

A polished man is bound to win the hearts of many ladies. This is one quality that is most sought after by a lot of women. A true gentleman would always be aware of the way he presents himself to others. This is not about being a put on; in fact being polished in his behavior should come from within.
No woman would love a slob; a true man is one who knows how to behave in public and is careful about his etiquette. Such a gentleman would always be well dressed and this does not mean sporting brands. A neat and well-groomed personality is a sure sign of a gentleman.

Honesty and Respect

He always keeps his word. Being honest to yourself and others is another quality a gentleman possesses. A man who is honest and respects others is bound to be an attractive personality since honesty is one such factor that is diminishing amongst people today.

Well-mannered and Soft Spoken

He will always mind his manners and would always appreciate others. He would very rarely lose his temper or raise his voice. A man would need this quality to be called a thorough gentleman; the man needs to always be aware when he should say 'please' and 'thank you'.
This is bound to make you look really sophisticated and you would really stand out for being polite and courteous; especially in a time when many have forgotten the basics that were taught way back in school.

Chivalry and Poise

He should always carry himself with grace. Winning the hearts of women doesn't always mean having drop dead gorgeous looks; it's his mannerisms that prove to be most attractive. Chivalry is also considered to be the very quality any woman would look for in her man. Most women love being treated with exclusivity.
Girls love men who hold the door open for the lady and offer to hold her heavy grocery bag. Although, women may scream about gender equality, the truth is women love being treated in a special way. Trust me, having the door slammed on the face by a guy is definitely a complete turn off!

Authoritative, Yet Dignified

He should always command authority in a mild manner. This will help him earn respect at work and also impress his ladylove. A man who does not throw his weight around and refrains from acting pompous at work is bound to look more dignified as compared to a man who rants and raves and makes a fool of himself in public.

Sense of Humor

He can also be a fun person; gentlemen are not necessarily boring people! A fine sense of humor combined with intelligent conversational skills can show the true spirit of a thorough man.
All men are gentlemen, the only problem is that they do not realize it. All they have to do is some introspection, as every man has these qualities; they just do not act on them. Be a well-mannered man, not for others, but for yourself, and you will have the world at your feet.