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10 Seemingly Innocuous Questions You Should Never Ask Your Girl

10 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Girl
Heard about words having power? Yes! How about using them wisely, so as to save a relationship? MenWit brings to you the top 10 questions you should never ask a girl. Know why we stress on the word 'NEVER'.
Dhanashree Patane
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
Never laugh at your girlfriend's choices; you are one of them.
Whoever said there are no stupid questions, might have not been in a relationship. Or perhaps, it was a girl who said this. Everything that gets connected to girls suddenly takes a whole new dimension. Did you know that girls have their own little dictionary? And that's right up in their mind; always updated. This dictionary thrives on their sensitivity, emotions, and the endless need to take the other meaning of whatever is said to them.

So when it comes to dealing with your girlfriend in a relationship, be sure of using wise and carefully-crafted sentences. There is a lot of dissection that happens to even the simplest word or question you say or ask her. Being a girl, I can say it stands true. Because, when a guy says "nothing is wrong", he really means "just quit talking about it, Jesus!". But when a girl says, "nothing is wrong", she actually means "you better figure out what is wrong with me, and what you did wrong!"

The point in case is, you might just ask a decent question, but it may take a whole new meaning in her mind. You may not have the intentions to hurt or insult her, but before you realize, she has taken a dip in the cold waters!
10 Questions Never to Ask Your Girlfriend
Communication is important in any relationship, and asking questions is a part of communication. But admit it. Some questions are simply silly, and moreover, when they are asked to a woman, you never know when they become the root for splits-vile. Below are the 10 must-forbid questions every guy should know. Remember, treading the cold-war zone in any relationship with a girl is like playing minesweeper! You gotta be really careful.
Don't you think you should start working out again?
The female dictionary:
"You don't look fat, you 'are' fat. You better lose those pounds soon, before I fly off with another chick!"
Seriously? This is one big weapon that is going to rebound on you. You may have not said this with a wrong intention, perhaps you even care for her. But you know what, let her girlfriends do all the bitching about her weight. (And trust me, there are plenty!). Girls are anyway conscious about their body, sooner or later she is going to get back to her perfect frame. And if not, you love her anyway, remember?
Did you go shopping AGAIN? How much did you spend this time? Why do you need another pair of shoes?
The female dictionary:
"You just spent my hard-earned money on another pair of shoes. Did you really need all that you shopped for?"
That innocent question when you see her enter with a bunch of shopping bags, may be the reason for another night on the couch or a romantic flick over your baseball game. What is it with women and shopping? Well, that equation just runs out of theories to explain! So, never even by mistake ask her why. Be happy she is going to look even prettier with the new outfits, and at least she is not dragging you to the malls with her. So get the point. Simply smile and compliment!
Are you really wearing 'that' outfit?
The female dictionary:
"You look fat in that dress, the color clearly does not suit you. Please wear something nice so I can be seen around with you!"
She spent hours on makeup and the dress selection. She has tried rounds of changing and deciding which outfit brings out the best of her for the evening. All that for a compliment from you. But you just gave a big frown to her face the moment you asked her this question. Women and fashion cannot be questioned. She did not comment when you wore flip flops to her friend's birthday party, so now, shut up and tell her that she looks gorgeous.
Why do you talk so much?
The female dictionary:
"My ears want to retire, honey. Spare my ears the story of how your dog fetches the ball or how your best friend fell in love. Shut up and quit talking, will ya!"
She talks so much because you fart so much! Now, do you get it? Didn't you say she sounded like a sweet angel on your first date? So, before you get these words on her ears, remember, you are headed towards an indefinite war. Women love to talk and gossip; they are wired that way! It is simple. While you were out playing basketball in your teenage years, she was perhaps talking out 'issues' with her girlfriends. Never question her about her talks. Roger that.
Are you PMS-ing?
The female dictionary:
"Is it that time of the month? Is that why you are routing all your aggression on my innocent behavior. Don't start a fight out of nowhere. I am not your punching bag!"
Now why on earth would you ask that! You just pinched her most irritating nerve, so be prepared to face her dagger eyes. Girls have their mood swings when their hormones are running high. Yes. Agreed. But it does not mean she is down, each time there is an argument or fight. It may not be that time of the month, so don't blame it on her cycle. (Or if it's your unlucky day, she may really be PMS-ing ...well, in that case, hold your breath and pray for mercy.)
How did your ex look like?
The female dictionary:
"I want to know what caused the breakup. Was it you? If not, I want to hear how miserable it was to live with him, and how lucky you are to finally meet that perfect guy ... 'ME'."
Don't let your insecurity be a part of your conversations ever. Asking about her ex is an absolute NO. Why would you even care about her past. She is with you right now, and that is what should matter. And if you 'MUST' ask this question... do so with your heart in your mouth.
How many guys have you slept with?
The female dictionary:
"Ummm know what! I want to know if you are 'SAFE' to be with.
Most guys have this unexplained urge to ask their girl about her numbers. It is more often offensive than a practical question. You may just be trying to ask her if she has been screened for all the sexually transmitted diseases. Trust me, there are better ways to put your concern across to a girl. It is highly embarrassing, plus, it boils down to her personal values and respect. Everybody has a different emotional significance to the very act of having sex. So, the numbers may not really satisfy your curiosity.
Would you turn out like your mother?
The female dictionary:
"Stop nagging and controlling me. You are turning in to your mother!"
Whoa! You wish you were drunk when you asked this. At least you will have an excuse to save your a**! This is bad timing and a bad topic. Never let you mother-in-law or girlfriend's mother enter your conversations. Even if she stays with you, girls love their mothers with a greater intensity and admiration. Most girls have and are proud of having a few traits of their mother. You may have said this in a positive way, but she has extracted only the menopausal aspects than the warm and caring ones, in her mind.
Is that your friend? Is she single?
The female dictionary:
"She is your best friend but she is way much different (better) than you. Can I have her number? Well, in case my best friend wants to meet her."
You may have genuinely asked about your girl's best friend's relationship status. But, here you just created a volcano of jealousy by asking you girlfriend about it! And your girl is going to have sleepless nights with insecurity. Never, never ask your girl about or compliment her best friend. She may be ugly as a pig, but it is going to hurt her. And if you are lucky, she may be as hot as Megan Fox, but play the cool daddy and keep that to yourself too.
Why aren't you wearing makeup today?
The female dictionary:
"You look so different without makeup. Gosh, I can see your wrinkles and tan. Sorry, ummm ... but what was your age again?"
OK. This was just the first half of the sentence, and you were going to say, "you look so beautiful without it ... ", But, before you could complete the sentence, the damage was done. Girls are too sensitive, they have plenty of image issues. Your job is to make her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. And this question is like inviting trouble from your boss! Mind your words with this one. In other cases, rephrase the sentence, perhaps from a creative writer, and then put it across to her.

Girls are wired differently as compared to guys. They are complex human beings. Even after years of research and theories to decode female psychology, nobody can understand their mind. So, while you may have asked an innocuous question, things may backfire, and her reaction may come in varying degrees of surprise, anger, or hatred. Be prepared and play safe. Perhaps, follow the rule - 'Silence is Golden!'
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