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Romantic Dinner Ideas for Her: A Dose of Overindulgence in Order

Mukta Gaikwad Apr 17, 2019
Planning a romantic dinner for girlfriend? Take a few tips from these romantic dinner ideas to make every moment spent with her memorable and picture perfect.
Congratulations for finally asking her out on a date! The dinner tonight has to be so special that it leaves her asking for more. Cooking romantic dinners recipes isn't a difficult task if you take a few tips from the following.
For a perfect evening, make it as personalized, and as private as possible. The best romantic date is the one which is cherished for a long time. Put in a little effort to make the place, menu and the atmosphere as perfect as possible.

Romantic Dinner Ideas for Her

First Date

It's the first time and the apprehension is heavy. It has to be perfect to every detail, yet subtle in more ways than one. This date doesn't have to be an opulent affair. So, keep it as low-key as possible.
Light up your place or the place you've chosen with lots of candles. A romantic candlelit dinner with your girlfriend while sipping some fine old wine, is a great way of making the next move towards your relationship.

Second Date

It may be a restaurant in the heart of the city or a secluded spot in the countryside. Either way, it's got to be a lover's spot (sounds corny, but it is equally romantic). Make all the arrangements beforehand, so that there is no last-minute running around.
If you are going to be dining at a restaurant, instruct the staff on the previous day about the menu, the setting, the table, and the music.
If you are going to a private spot, make sure you have a collapsible table with you to eat and adequate light to see each other. The romantic atmosphere in both the cases will be a picture perfect moment for the two of you.

Third Date

OK! Two dates have gone by, and surely she must have told you something about her favorite place or her favorite activity. If you really want to be her hero, then think deliberately about the things that she has told you so far and make a plan accordingly.
If she likes camping, then having a romantic dinner with your girlfriend beside a bonfire is a great idea. If she likes wine, take her to a winery for wine tasting and a nice dinner after the wine. She will enjoy this date more than ever, because she is the one suggesting you the activities. So, act now!

Fourth Date

Music and romance go hand in hand. Then how about a live concert? A little rock 'n' roll followed by a dinner would be a great way of beginning and ending the fourth date on a musical note. Before you plan this, find out what kind of music she likes and then order the tickets.
A romantic dinner for girlfriend is a creative way of igniting the romance in your relationship. It will give you a chance to get to know each other better. The efforts that you will put in, will make her appreciate you in a different light. So, here is your chance to show your love and affection and win it too. Use it well!