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Romantic Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Parashar Joshi Oct 30, 2018
Are you looking for some nice romantic ideas for girlfriends and wives? Well, here are some nice, romantic ideas for her, that may inspire you.
"Precious is what a diamond is, Priceless is what love is." ― Parashar Joshi
Romantic ideas do not necessarily have to be extravagant, flashy, or expensive enough to burn a whole crater in your pocket. There are plenty of sweet and simple ways of being romantic, of expressing love, and of showing that you care. So, would you like to know a few of them? Well, read ahead!

Romantic Ideas for Her

Here are some relatively simple, romantic ideas for the woman in your life, as well as a couple of extravagant ones (basically, to satisfy those who simply can't do without them!).
1. Okay, let's start with something that's tried and tested―a mixed tape; or to be more in tune with the 21st century, a mixed CD. You must be having a fairly good idea of what kind of love songs she likes, so get your hands on some of them and burn them on to a CD.
To make it all the more personalized, add in a short lovey-dovey message of your own at the beginning of the CD. This is one gift idea that you can make use of anytime you wish, and not just on any special occasion.
2. If you happen to be in a long-term relationship with your girlfriend, here is something creative that you can do. Get hold of some photographs of the both of you as a dating couple, i.e., right from the time you had your first date till present. Arrange them in chronological order.
You can then go on to make your very own 'couple's collage', which shows how the two of you and your relationship has grown over the years.
If you're good at poetry, try penning a few lines at suitable places to make the collage even better. However, if writing poetry is not your cup of tea, you can try and substitute it with some romantic quotes and sayings.
3. Make her a soft toy! She will love it. You don't need to have any special skills to make a cute soft toy. All you need is colored wool, a little cardboard and your time.
A personally-made soft toy really happens to be a sweet idea for a girlfriend's gift and one which she will really cherish. And no, it won't give your girlfriend something else to cuddle up against, in case that's what's stopping you.
4. Here is a fantastic gift and one which you can really surprise her with. Gift her with a whole day of YOU! Present her with a small gift-wrapped box and place a small, handwritten note inside it which says, "This gift voucher entitles you to an entire day's pleasure at the hands of your name".
Treat her like a princess―pamper her, cook for her, give her a nice massage, fulfill all her desires. Her wish is your command! Now, that is a romantic gift no girlfriend will ever refuse!
5. For those of you who can't do without the extravagance, here are some gift ideas:
  • Treat her like royalty for an entire day. Rent a chauffeur-driven stretch limo for a day, gift her a complete beauty treatment package at the best salon, take her to a candlelight dinner to the finest restaurant in town, make her feel like the true 'queen of your heart'.
  • If she's a big lover of opera music, go ahead and book two front row seats to the Saturday night show. She will surely appreciate it, and even more so, if she knows that you can't stand opera!
  • Buy her a nice diamond necklace or a pendant and inscribe your and her first name initials on it. Or else, if you want to go a step further and get a little naughty, tattoo the same on a part of your body which only she has access to!
  • Buy her a sexy, sheer satin nightgown. Though, it may turn out to be a little low, in terms of usage value (as it won't stay on her for too long!), nevertheless, she will like it.
These were a few romantic ideas for your consideration. Hope they have helped you in deciding what to gift your girlfriend or your wife. Remember, as far as love is concerned, it's not always about the money, honey!