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Romantic Ideas for Her

Brush Up Your Creativity: Incorporate Romantic Ideas for Her

Is your anniversary or her birthday around the corner? Gift her something nice. Throw her a party! It's all about showing her how much you care for her, so leave no stones unturned and make it count! Here are some nice romantic ideas you could use for the love of your life.
Arjun Kulkarni
Last Updated: Dec 13, 2018
A girl likes getting attention and a bit of cosseting goes a long way in strengthening a relationship. What most men do is that, they wait for an occasion to get the woman a grandiose gift.
However, what we don't realize is that women also value simple, small, and sweet romantic gifts. Gifting on a random day also adds an element of surprise. And if handmade, the girl will still love it however scrappy or artless it is. She'll cherish all that you will ever give her.
However, that does not mean that guys can get away by being thoughtless or cliched. Sure you can give her a bunch of flowers and chocolates on her birthday, but if you can use a bit of creativity to delight her, then why not?
Most girls love personalized gifts. So, what you make with your own hands is so much more valuable. Ask her which are her favorite songs and write them down in a song book. You can go all the way by singing those songs yourself and burning it on a CD.
Another thing you could make on your own, in very little time, is something like 94 reasons why I love you? Hey, everyone writes 100 reasons, so why not pick a number which is a little different? If you can't think of a huge number, it's okay. Let it be a little silly, it's alright.
Bouquet of colorful freesia flowers and diary
On your first wedding anniversary, you could gift her a diary. A diary has all the dates in a year and you could write down all the times you went out on a date, some special conversations, events, etc. And if there are few blank spaces, you can fill them with something like, "Gosh I missed you a lot today".
Guitar beach couple
Learn a musical instrument for her. Guitar is the best, because it goes with all kinds of music and you can sing along with it.
On her birthday, you can buy her small, day-to-day gifts, number of gifts depending upon her age. Gifts could be very simple, like a bunch of scrunchies, or clips, an eyeliner or an eye-shadow and so on. But, remember the fine line between sweet and kinky. There are chances that the girl might not like a kinky gift, so it is best that you stay safe.
Winter photo collage
Gift her a collage of her pictures or your pictures together. You could also write a sweet caption under each one.
Girls love to know what guys think about them. So, you could write the caption of what went through your mind when that particular picture was being taken.
love letter
Write her a love letter! What most guys might not think of while writing love letters is that a theme could be created. For example, you can write it thinking that you are writing an official letter or a small boy writing his first love letter.
You could also make gift coupons for her. For example, "You can redeem this coupon for a chocolate pastry", or something as simple as 'pick a card' option on board games, like monopoly. For example, "Make three wishes coupon".
Man serving woman a breakfast
You could wake up before her, and serve breakfast in bed. You could designate 'you' days each month where you agree to do everything she wants.
Getting started in the kitchen
Why go out, when you could cook her a dinner on her birthday? In case you're not a big kitchen person, you could get away by cooking instant noodles, and then taking her out.
Romantic dinner
Go restaurant hopping. This makes a date exciting and dynamic. Have the drinks and entree in one, the meal in another, and the dessert in yet another. At the end of it, if you're married, you could playfully ask her, 'You wanna come over for some coffee?'
Woman relaxing while man massaging her shoulders
You can give her a massage yourself. She'll obviously relish your touch over a stranger's.
We may have skipped some, like candlelight dinner, walk on the beach, chocolates, and flowers. But, you can think up those on your own!