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Romantic Ideas for Men: Watch, Learn, and Implement

Parashar Joshi Apr 21, 2019
Are you a guy who is desperately on the lookout for ways to liven up the romance between you and your lady love? Well, read on to know more about romantic ideas for the guys.
A woman's mind is equally complicated, if not more, than the world's biggest supercomputer. Therefore, if you, as a boyfriend or a husband, find yourself to be in a constant state of confusion about what to do in order to please your lady love, then relax and take a chill pill.
Confusion is a perfectly normal (and common!) phenomenon when it comes to relationships involving women. Men try thousands of revolutionary things in order to please their Eves and more often than not, end up falling flat on their faces.
Guys! Always remember there are 3 critical keywords in a man's Love Bible. These 3 life-saving keywords are: Simplicity, Honesty and Richard Gere. Now, if you are curious to know what in the name of God does Richard Gere have to do with this, read the following ideas. You will find your answer.

Romantic Ideas for Guys

Let us have a look at what these critical keywords actually mean and signify. You need to understand that the examples and illustrations that are mentioned here are only for the sake of understanding the basic principles and concepts. You are most welcome to improve upon them and modify them according to your individual likes and relationship attributes.


Spending all your monthly savings on renting a sleek black chauffeur-driven stretch limo for a whole day is good once in a while. You could probably opt for this on a really special occasion such as Valentine's Day, her birthday, or your anniversary.
But if you want to surprise her pleasantly, get hold of a good bicycle with a frontal passenger seat and take her out for a nice, slow, romantic ride in the countryside. It can be much more romantic, enjoyable, and heartfelt than a luxurious limousine. After all, it is all about simplicity!
Here are a few more romantic ideas for her which focus on simplicity:
  • Bringing her a bunch of assorted fresh flowers as you come home after work. It doesn't always have to be an exquisite flower bouquet. Even a handful of fresh red roses often works wonders.
  • Giving her a warm hug when she comes home tired after a long day's work. Believe me, if you want to comfort your woman, nothing and no other thing works as well as a reassuring hug does.
  • Offering to do the dishes after dinner and letting her relax on the couch. Try and follow that up with a nice ten minute massage if you can.
  • Letting her know once in a while just how special she is. You don't need to show your love by limiting yourself to just buying her romantic gifts or jewelry, etc. An amateur unrhymed tercet can often be much more genuine and heartfelt than a fancy card from the local gift shop.


A very important piece of relationship advice―honesty. Honesty is always appreciated (and demanded) by a woman. A woman's ability of seeing through a man is faster than the speed of light. Therefore, if you've done something wrong and you think you can conjure up a long magical fairytale and get away with it, stop fooling yourself.
When it comes to women, honesty is always the best policy (and so is accepting the blame even when it isn't your fault!). So, if you've accidentally broken a tea cup, confess it. (Secret Tip: Do so with a sheepish look on your face. It really works!). Oh, and one more dating tip that you must know.
Being honest and owning up does NOT work in the following scenarios:
  • If her parents are visiting and you forget to pick them up at the airport.
  • If you guys are hosting a dinner party and she gives you a list of things to buy and you either misplace the list, completely forget about it, or you end up buying a couple of wrong items. (Buying a couple of wrong items is not a consolation as compared to not buying at all. Rather, in a woman's dictionary, it is an even bigger crime).
  • If you forget either her birthday, your wedding anniversary, your first date anniversary, your first-time-we-met anniversary, and all such other anniversaries. If you have a bad memory, then write down all these dates in your diary. Even better, tattoo them on your arm or on any other regularly visible and morally ethical body part.

Richard Gere

The name says it all. He's the man. The all-time favorite romantic dream guy of almost every woman in the universe. He's the person who bowled over all the pretty women and runaway brides, right from Julia Roberts to Shilpa Shetty.
He's the one you should look up to if you wanna learn all the right romantic moves to impress your lady. If your woman loves dancing whereas you have feet which are forever stuck in hard concrete, then who else but Richard Gere to teach you how to dance. Ask Jennifer Lopez, she should know!
These were some fundamentals when it comes to romantic ideas. If some of you feel the need for some additional video tutorials, here are a few movies that are worth watching:
  • Pretty Woman
  • Notting Hill
  • Runaway Bride
  • When Harry Met Sally
  • Titanic
  • Sleepless in Seattle
  • What Women Want
  • Hitch
Remember, the mantra remains the same―watch, learn, and implement.