Romantic Ways to Get Engaged

One thing that haunts many people is, how, where and when to pop the "Will you marry me?" question to their partners. Thinking of romantic ways to get engaged gives nightmares to a whole lot of people. Here are some ways which, if done properly, will guarantee success...
MenWit Staff
Your partner may consider you romantic, but, it will be of little use if you don't propose to her in way that she remembers throughout her life. Every woman dreams of a proposal that is romantic, unexpected, and memorable. The manner in which you declare your love for her, is a prologue of your married life, and a sure indicator of the way you will love and take care of her. Often, many women feel that although their spouse spent loads of money on the wedding proposal, they lacked originality and creativity.
Some people prefer to wait for Valentine's Day to propose, while others wait for spring, but, the fact is, every day and every minute is perfect. Just the way in which one proposes should be original and unique. Below are few good ideas with which you can woo your loved one.
Destination Proposals
A very trendy approach these days, is to whisk your future spouse on an impromptu trip. Tell her that you have some important business meeting, or something similar, and that you want her to tag along. This sudden trip will certainly excite both of you, and is definitely a sure success plan for a thrilling engagement. If you have been seeing each other for a long time, and there are no local romantic places left to visit, then destination proposal is the best option. Pop the question when she is enjoying the travel and least expects it. You will surely see her blushing and in tears of joy. Opt for beautiful locations such as the Eiffel Tower, Paris or the Taj Mahal.
The Casual Approach
This can really get very, very exciting. This method has an advantage - it requires little planning. Let this be like any other ordinary day. Do what you would normally do on other days, like watching TV, cooking dinner, etc. At some point of the day, preferably in the evening, get down on one knee and pop the question. A beautiful diamond ring will certainly boost your chances of success. This is a casual, but the most surprising approach. Be careful about the timing when you propose, don't pop the question when your sweetheart has just come out of the shower, or has just returned from the gym after a workout. You may ruin the moment that you have spent years waiting for.
Hand Crafted Proposal Ideas
If you are creative enough, you can think of some artistic ideas. These out-of-the-box ideas are absolutely mind-blowing. One hardly expects that the proposal is on the way. One such example is to shop for a plate, and have it inscribed with "Will you marry me?" Design it creatively, making it look sober and attractive. Take her to her favorite restaurant and, after the meal, order her favorite dessert. Ask the waiter to bring the dessert in the designed plate. To make the environment even more romantic, request the restaurant manager to play her favorite song. Now, when she finishes the last bite, she will be in for a great surprise.
Borrow an Idea From Her Favorite Flick
Generally, women love romantic movies. They love the romantic ways of proposal, depicted in the movies, even more. There are lots of romantic proposals to choose from the movies. The only pre-requisite is that you should know her favorite movie. If her favorite movie is "Sweet Home Alabama" - and if you are rich enough - you can take her to a jewelry store like Tiffany & Co., preferably in the evening. Tell her that it's something important. Inform the manager about your plan and request him to co-operate. When you enter, let all the lights be off. Now, as the lights slowly come on, go down on one knee and ask her to marry you. Won't she feel on top of the world? Moreover, which girl won't love her guy for letting her choose her own ring from the store.
If her favorite movie is "Stepmom", the way Ed Harris ties the end of a thread around Julia Robert's finger, draws it back, and lets the ring slide down to land perfectly around the finger, is not a bad idea too.
Taking her to a baseball match in a stadium and proposing on the large screen display at half time is another popular way to propose. This kind of proposal is really high in drama and will never be forgotten.
In Front of the Whole Family
If she is traditional and close to her family, there is nothing better than proposing in front of the whole family. Get involved with a few of her family members, especially her parents. Put forward that you love her, want to marry her, and plan to propose in front of the family members. Most probably, they will agree, and then, arrange for a family reunion sort of party, without letting your girlfriend in on the secret. On the day of the party, at a designated time, preferably midway into the party, ask for everyone's attention. Get down on your knee, tell her how special she is to you, and that you have already asked for her hand from her parents, and then pop the question.
Don't waste much time thinking and planning about what to and what not to do, because after getting engaged, planning the wedding is going to take more time. Try out these ideas and you surely won't be disappointed, because these are some unique, romantic ways to get engaged, that are guaranteed to win hearts.