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Cool Shaggy Hairstyles for Boys

Want to get a relaxed-looking messy hairstyle? Here are the various ideas of shaggy hairstyles for boys...
Pragya T Sep 29, 2018
Many celebrities sport the shaggy men's hairstyles, for example Zack Efron, Ashton Kutcher, Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson, Johny Mayer, etc.
The key to getting a shaggy hairstyles is to cut your hair into layers and then style your hair messy using a gel, or let your hair grow naturally long or medium, and style wet hair with a little mousse and tousle your hair and voila you have styled your hair shaggy!
Creating a shaggy hairstyle is easy, but to maintain it for longer, it is good that you start with a good haircut and then style your hair shaggy. Here are the various shaggy messy hairstyles for boys, out of which you can choose the one you like the most.

Faux Mohawk

This style looks very bold, faux Mohawk has been made popular by David Beckham. To get a faux hawk hairstyle, cut the hair at the sides of your head into short crops and keep the middle hair longer.
After shampooing your hair, use an extra hold gel and style your middle hair upwards. And style the front hair upwards and sideways, and create some bangs that fall on the forehead. To give it an even more messy look, separate the hair ends properly.

Messy Hairstyles

If you have wavy or medium curly hair, then getting a wavy style is even easier. You can cut your hair till the middle of the neck. Then side part your hair and accompany them with side bangs. 
If you want a shorter style, then cut your back and side hair into short crops and leave the crown hair longer and style them sideways.

Choppy Haircuts

Take a strand of your hair and hold it at a 45 degree angle, then tilt your scissor and make a cut. Cut all your hair strands into different length for choppy effect.

Messy Spiky Hairstyles

Spiky hair styles are quite easy to maintain. 
To get these short hairstyles, cut your back and side hair short and keep the crown and front hair longer. It is like a buzz cut, but the hair is kept longer. Then style the top hair spiky using an extra hold gel, with the spikes all styled into various directions.

Coloring Hair

If you want your hair to look more textured and shaggy, then consider coloring your hair.
You can either go for skinny highlights of a shade which is 2 - 3 times lighter than your base hair color and place these highlights on the crown and sides.
Alternatively, you can go for lowlighting, which is opposite to highlighting your hair. Lowlights are done near the base of your hair and are of 2 - 3 times darker than your base hair color.
So, select any of the mentioned haircut and get your hair cut from a professional, and follow these tips to style your hair shaggy.