Short Punk Hairstyles

Cool Short Punk Hairstyles That Exude a Sense of Casual Chic

Punk rock lovers have often sported colored, spiky hairstyles as a statement of style or rebellion. Here's a look at some different types of short, punk hairstyles that are popular amongst youngsters.
Punk fashion is prevalent even today, despite the ever-changing trends. It originated in the 1970s, and evoked different reactions from the society at large. While some followed it blindly, others seemed disgusted. There are many distinctive features associated with this fashion, and one of the most easily recognizable feature remains to be the unique hairstyles. The growing craze for such hairdos resulted in many variations of the basic style, wherein hair is modeled into shocking shapes and patterns; and colored in brilliant shades.

Punk hairstyles are recognized as a symbol of the wacky and the weird. While some young teens opt for them only to be in sync with the latest look, others find it as a way to rebel against the society. Youngsters have willingly gone beyond the ordinary to flaunt hairstyles, causing quite a sensation. If you really wish to try them out, you would need to know about the different styles.
Different Ways to Wear Punk Hairstyles
The most interesting factor remains to be the vibrant colors and creative shapes used. They would definitely make you stand out from the crowd, so be prepared to handle all the attention! Listed below are a few common hairstyles.
Mohawk as punk hairstyle
The Mohawk style has been around since the 1980s. Although it has been associated with punk fashion and culture, many have adopted this hairstyle only for its stylish appeal. The original Mohawk was worn differently as compared to what is seen today. At present, this hairstyle would require you to shave both sides of the head, leaving a long strip of hair in the center portion, going all the way towards the base of the neck. The complexity lies in the maintenance. The center portion of the hair is given a spiked look, to add more drama. This also tends to add height to the original strip of hair. This strip is often dyed in vivid colors like shocking red or pink. You would need to use a variety of methods to keep this hairstyle intact. You can opt for hair gels and specific sprays to maintain it. Back combing can also be used.
Faux Hawk
Punk faux hawk hairstyle
David Beckham is best known for sporting the Faux Hawk. In this case, one can opt for a close shave for both sides of the head so that it creates the illusion of the Mohawk, yet one does not need to shave one's head completely. Another distinguishing characteristic is the very prominent spike in the center. Hair gels are used to style the hair towards the center. This hairstyle was also seen in the Hollywood blockbuster, 'The Lord of the Rings.'
Hoxton Fin
Punk hoxton fin hairstyle
This has been in the limelight only in the recent times. Men as well as women are known to sport this hairdo. This hairstyle is generally worn with two partings. Hair gel is used to bring the hair towards the center portion. Hair on the sides and the back area is cut short.
Reverse Mohawk/Skunk
This too is quite popular. In this case, hair is cut in the reverse manner, as the name suggests. Electric hair clippers are used to remove hair from the center area leaving hair on either side of the head.
Punk fashion, thus, remains to be an interesting affair, with the various kinds of trends followed by people. Short punk hairstyles have established themselves in the world of fashion despite mixed reactions, and we may as well say that they are here to stay.