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Useful Tips to Buy Skinny Jeans for Men

Mamta Mule Nov 17, 2018
Searching for skinny jeans for men? Confused how to wear one and look perfect? Here's some information for all those who want to wear this pant, which will help them dress up rightly in this trendy wear.
Skinny jeans style for men is back. Yes, those trousers that were considered very feminine are today the most popular piece of men's clothing. You can see many of them wearing these and making a unique fashion statement. 
While, previously, these were restricted to the emo and rock crowd, today, they are amongst the wardrobe must-haves for men. These are a popularly followed fashion trend that suits them very well. So, what are the ways to wear and choose a pair?

Choosing the Right Fit

All those who think that skinny jeans are for women, they are wrong. Yes, they are definitely tight and skin fit just like women's, but they are loose on the waist and crotch area. This adds that comfort element to this style of fashion clothing.
So, even while you sit or relax, you will be comfortable in this jean. Though these are, normally, cut lower at the waist, make sure that the one you pick has this feature to ensure proper fit. 
Do not go for the high-waist jeans. No need to mention that these will be tapered at bottom with a tight fit at knees and ankles.
You can find other features of men's jeans in this fashion clothing, as well. Basically, these trousers have a longer zip or button fly. It is a good idea to pick a piece that is a 2 - 3 inches longer in length.
The tight fit will ensure that the excess length of fabric stays near your ankles in a gathered pattern, a style that looks best for men. Purchasing those made with spandex fabric will ensure a more comfortable experience.
You can check out the various brands and designer pieces, as well. Each brand will have a different fit and hence, trying each piece is essential. No matter you pick an expensive or inexpensive one, what matters is the fit and look. Those with too much of threading patterns and designs are best to be avoided.

Wearing It Properly

The way you wear a skinny jean makes a huge difference; in fact, wrong combination and pairings can ruin the entire look. Firstly, when you wear it, be confident. Don't get nervous just because you heard that it is an object from the women's fashion domain. 
Generally, picking the right fit and color is the key to a great look. Make sure that you stay away from feminine colors. Blacks, blues, grays, and browns are the best to go for.
Secondly, pairing it with a perfect footwear is essential for a polished look. Do not go for bulky sports shoes. Pick those having a slim look so as to rightly complement your pant. You can go for dress boots or slim sneakers, as well.
Next, pair them with perfect T-shirt or a shirt. Don't go for funky patterns and jazzy colors; stick to muted patterns like stripes or plaids. If you choose horizontal stripes, go for broad ones in dual colors. Other designer T-shirts, which are cool and not too flashy, are best to be paired with these jeans.
Also, make sure that you go for a slim-fit shirt or a regular fit T-shirt. Too loose or a body fit shirt can give a feminine look. A tuck-in shirt style will also look classy with them.
Avoid wearing 'V' neck tees along with them, as they will not go well together. Opt for a broad belt that goes well with the pant's color; do not go for a much trendy belt.
Follow the aforementioned tips and they will help you get the perfect jeans. Don this rightly and walk with confidence.