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Sophisticated Hairstyles for Men

There are many sophisticated hairstyles for men in fashion these days that differentiate the men from the boys. So, if you are an ultracool and uber chic man looking for suave hairstyles, you are at the right place.
MenWit Staff
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Sophistication is not just limited to the feminine side of the world, but has its wings spread even in the masculine world. What differentiates a man from a boy is his gentleman-like demeanor and level of sophistication. So, just by sporting a serious look, having a mature mind, and wearing a well-cut suit, can a man be called sophisticated? Well, there is more to it than just this. Along with all this, you also need to sport a smart hairdo to match your well-bred look.

Men, nowadays, are not shy from experimenting with their looks and style. They are undergoing a major makeover and choosing fashion ideas that are in vogue. They are also opting for haircut styles that is making them look both trendy and graceful. So, let's have a look at some of these swanky, chic, and elegant hairstyles.
Sophisticated Hairstyles
Sporting trendy and sophisticated hairstyles is not just limited to women. These days, even men are not left far behind. They have a huge variety of options to choose from, like hair care products, shampoos, and even fully equipped salons with hair stylists offering exclusive hairstyles for men. So, when you have the resources, why not use them? If you are contemplating on giving yourself a new look, then you can try some of the below-mentioned fashionable hairstyles.
High and Tight
Sophisticated Man in High and Tight Hairstyle
The most happening and trendy hairdo for men today is the high and tight hairdo. The haircut involves a meticulous cropped cut on the sides and back of the head. There is ample hair left on the top that can be combed through and even styled.
Crew Cut
Popular Crew Haircut for Men
The most quick and trouble-free style is the crew cut in which the barber uses a razor to give your hair the desired length and shape. This style is very common amongst the military, police, and other servicemen, and it oozes immense authority and confidence.
Relaxed Hairstyle
Handsome Man in Relaxed Hairstyle
If you are one of those who loves long hair and doesn't want to cut the hair too short, but at the same time wants to sport a sophisticated look, do not worry. Just grow your hair, not more than shoulder length, and comb through it after a shower. Thereafter, keep pushing the hair strands behind your ears. Please note that this hairdo is not recommended for those in the profession of medicine.
Texture Styles
Texture Hairstyle for Stylish Men
If you have medium length hair that measures about three to four inches, then textured styles is for you. Give your hair a razor cut, and add a bit of hair color to get that perfect look.
Messy Look
Portrait of a Man in Messy Hairstyle
This sexy look, also known as the spike, is very popular. Just apply some hair gel, and using your fingers get that out-of-the-bed look. Use your own sense of style, and with some varying lengths of hair on the top, create that messy look.
Caesar Cut
Sophisticated Man in Caesar Hairstyle
In this, the hair is shortened from all sides with upward and forward pushed bangs. You can try this hairdo with spikes to get that chilled-out look with a hint of sophistication.
Rock Disco Hairstyle
Elegant Man Posing in Disco Hairstyle
The rock disco hairdo has a flat look with a middle parting or splitting. If you are blessed with thick and healthy hair, this hairstyle is a must try.
Sophisticated Prom Hairstyles
Man in Tuxedo Portraying Prom Hairstyle
There are a variety of sophisticated prom hairstyles to choose from. You can go in for a braided hairdo or brush cut. The brush cut is suitable for teenagers. In brush cut, the hair is cut extremely short to such an extent that it looks like the bristles of a toothbrush. This one is easy to maintain and looks very trendy.
Stylish Man in Quiff Haircut
Another dashing and contemporary hairdo for long hair fans. In this, you need to grow your hair a little long only on the front side and thereafter comb it backwards. The hair at the back is cut short, which gives a stylish and voguish look.
Bald Look
Elegant Businessman in Bald Hair
Whether you have a receding hairline or not, a bald look will always ooze a sense of maturity and sophistication. Your thinning hair line can be well hidden with a bald look, and it also makes you feel cool during hot summers. If you are not sure about the bald look, just have a look at Vin Diesel of 'The Pacifier' or Arnold Vosloo in 'The Mummy'. These men sported a bald look, yet maintained a classy and polished look.
By now, you must have understood that these days short trendy hairstyle along with a clean-shaven look is in vogue. Short hair makes a man look more matured and well-chiseled. A clean-shaven look along with a trendy hairdo is bound to make you stand out in a crowd. Your face cut and personality are very important factors to be considered while choosing an appropriate style for the hair. Embrace your masculinity with these hairdos, and watch women drool over your newly acquired looks.