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It's High Time Guys Should Know These Important Things About Girls

Kundan Pandey Mar 17, 2019
There are some very crucial aspects about girls that every guy must know. Here is an insight into what a woman likes and dislikes, which will help in getting a clear understanding of how the fairer sex likes to be treated.
There are certain things that being a guy, you should know about girls. Here are some pointers to keep in mind whenever you are out with your girlfriend or wife.

Insight About Girls

  • Never cheat on your girlfriend or wife. Infidelity in a relationship is one thing that they despise more than anything in the world. Be honest and open with your feelings and thoughts, and she will love and respect you forever.
  • Trust is one factor that girls give a lot of importance to. So, learn to trust her, and she will you.
  • Never, ever forget her birthday. If you do, she will not only hate you and give you hell for it, but will also bring it up in subtle ways when you are out at parties or family dinners. She will taunt and make snide remarks for whatever time she feels feasible.
  • Women like their men to smell fresh and amazing all the time. But, that does not mean you empty out the entire bottle of perfume or deodorant on yourself. Just a few spritz near your neck, chest, ears, and wrists are enough.
  • On Valentine's day, do not just give her flowers and chocolates. Get her something unique, special, and well thought of. She will love a handmade photo album of some cherished memories that you two have experienced together.
  • Be confident, as girls love this trait in guys. Hence, do not go on a tirade, fussing about your problems, and whining about every small thing.
  • Treat her pets, parents, friends, and all her dear ones, just like your dearest ones. You are surely going to face consequences if you don't.
  • They love to know your opinion on any questions they've raised. So if a girl asks you if pink looks better on her or red, always say both, as they cannot handle criticism. If you are out shopping with a girl, and if she holds up two garments, and asks you your opinion, say both. Never say one looks better than the other.
  • Before making any gesture towards getting intimate with your girl in any way, make sure she is comfortable with it.
  • Some women do not like PDA, so instead of first doing something and feeling bad, talk it out with her, and see her views in the subject. If you feel that for some reason you cannot discuss this topic with her, then try to read her body language for signs.
  • Never miss an opportunity to compliment her. When doing so, remember that apart from the outer getup, they also want to be praised on their personality.
  • Girls love small gestures of affection, so, never think twice before showing or expressing love. Give her flowers or chocolates when she is least expecting them, and see how elated she feels.
  • Tell her that you love her, only if you mean it from the bottom of your heart.
  • Never talk about your ex in your girlfriends presence. Your present girlfriend doesn't want a holographic account of your previous relationship.
Every effort is worth taking if you see a future with the girl you are currently in a relationship with. Love her unconditionally, and she will reciprocate your feelings. On an end note, always try to make your girl smile and laugh, and never give her a reason to cry over something you have said or done.