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Things to Know About Girls

Here's Your Chance to Know Some Intriguing Things About Girls

Want to know interesting things about girls? They're right here. These 10 things to know about girls are something which every guy wants to know, isn't it? Well, here is your chance of knowing them all.
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Dec 22, 2018
"Girls are so queer you never know what they mean. They say No when they mean Yes, and drive a man out of his wits for the fun of it."
- Louisa May Alcott
All girls are different in every way possible and there are no such golden secrets to knowing them all. However, these 10 things will surely tell you the basics and it's always better to be good with your basics, isn't it? So, let's finally read the much awaited things to know to about girls and feel like we solved some mystery here.
10 Things You Should Know About Girls
Love Emotionally and Continuously
This is one of the most important things to know. You have to love a girl emotionally and continuously. The girl can be just a friend but the necessity to be loved remains.
Girls feel neglected and ignored really soon and this makes it important for you guys to show your love every now and then. Send her a nice text message, get her a flower or just take her out for some ice cream. These small things done continuously will surely make the girl happy.
Read in BETWEEN the Lines
Another thing girls wish guys knew, is learning to read between the lines. This does not mean you read too much into everything but just make sure that you are getting the meaning and reason of why something is said to you.
It is very difficult for girls to be direct and this is why most things are said indirectly and with double meaning. It's not like girls love being secretive or anything but you just need to know that girls aren't comfortable saying everything out loud and there are things you need to understand by reading between the lines and those monosyllable answers.
Go Ahead and Ask
Girls loved to be asked questions rather than asking questions. Yes, you might think that your girl asks too many questions but try asking them to her and she'll have a nice time answering them.
Girls feel that you are trying to know more about them and are concerned when you question them and thus this is one of the things to know as well, that might surely help. However, don't get too carried away and stick to sensible questions. You wouldn't like the girl asking you to shut up, would you?
Miss Secrecy isn't so Secretive!
Now this is one of the main things to be aware of. Girls come across as secretive and intimidating at times. The actual reality is that they don't love being secretive at all. They just like to show that to men and make them curious.
Yes, a certain number of things you will never be able to know but apart from that, just ask the question and you will have your answer. Girls like keeping this you-will-never-know air around them but they usually mean don't-you-wanna-know. It's all a matter of wanting to know and nothing else.
Don't Understand Confirmation
Emotional young man and woman
Though there are many things to know about girls, things like these really make the difference. You must have often got irritated with your girlfriend or wife for asking you the same thing again and again. Wait a moment here.
Don't get irritated or lose it but that is just how the female beings are. They find it difficult to believe something that they think might just not happen. So, just be a little patient here and answer a few more times than 'you' find necessary. Most times, you'll have to answer anyway so might as well do it willingly.
It's Not Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Well yes, unfortunately that's how it is! Girls are good at remembering stuff even if you think they aren't. Mostly always, they remember the very few things you'd want them to forget. Based on those things they might even be judgmental and opinionated.
You might feel that if you change a particular habit they don't like, it'll erase the prior arguments about it. The chances are really fat. Yes, they'll be really pleased about you doing something for them and they'll thank you enough for that. However, when the chance presents itself, you should be ready to hear all the wrong that you've done before.
You're Good if You're Grounded
This is yet another dating tip for men, to know about girls that might just give you that lucky ticket into her life. Girls dislike (read hate) guys who aren't sure about their life or are indecisive about the way they live, talk and think.
They will never have a problem if you are a bit slow with your stuff and might help you. But if you behave like a pirate trying your luck in all seas, chances are you'll never see the girl again. Girls like spending time with the carefree and careless but if you are looking for anything apart from friendship, boy it's time you think wise and smart.
Love Giving Opinions
Girls love giving opinions. They don't want you to have the same or even consider this option but they just have these opinions nonetheless. If you let go of these continuous opinions and judgments, you might just find this characteristic amusing.
Similar is Same
Yes, girls often don't understand the concept of similarity. They connect everything very fast to things that might just be a little irrelevant. For them, fruits and vegetables are the same. Perfumes and deodorants are the same. Driving a Mercedes and a Ferrari is also the same. It's just a car. This is something men have to deal with as well.
Beware! They Love Categories
Yes, this is one of the most important things to know. They love categorizing everything from people, to places to even food. So, if you are not wanting to be in the 'friends' category, make sure you convey that well.
Bring out those flirting tips and make your approach clear because just as girls love categorizing they also love keeping them that way. Girls hate change and this is something you should know too. So, be careful with your actions and words around girls as they might just decide where you belong forever in our books.
Now that you know these things to know about girls, it'll be easier for you to understand and solve and answer a few questions you often asked yourself, isn't it? Understanding the ladies isn't a simple task, and there is nothing but time and a few tips, that can get you close.
So, if there are things guys should know about girls, these were it. All the others are going to get you back to these tips in one way or the other. Hopefully, you'll be able to crack a few codes yourself, with practice of course!