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Essential Things You Must Know Before Dating a Nerdy Girl

Things to Know Before Dating a Nerdy Girl
Myth: Nerdy girls are stupid or ugly looking. Debunked: They can be damn beautiful and intelligent. Or just say, THEY ARE!!!
Smruti Hingnikar
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
A girl could be a great singer and still be a nerd. All of us are nerds in some way. Unless you are just a dork! There are certain things which you need to know before you make an attempt at dating a nerdy girl.
She is self-sufficient; can entertain herself
Most important thing. She is happy in her world and definitely not looking for any love interest. If you are approaching her, it's your wish completely. A warning beforehand!
Doesn't understand your gestures or indirect approaches
Forget those normal ways of approaches, by showing signs like smiling, asking for a pen, or something of that sort. She is so engrossed in her thoughts, that she might never notice your indirect gestures. The only language she understands is a direct one.
Really passionate about ALL her stuff
A nerdy girl is very passionate about her interests. Be it her TV series, a fictitious character, a physics experiment, or any recipe. You cannot add another pinch of extra sugar in her coffee, ever!
Very intelligent
Before trying to talk or woo her, brush up and pump up your knowledge level. She is one of those blunt people in the world, who will say whatever they think about you, and will never even get an idea that you were offended. They are not diplomatic at all.
Does not initiate; but once started, can become a chatterbox
They might have noticed you someday, but mind you, they will NEVER initiate a conversation. You have to make the first move. But once they start talking, be ready for long interesting conversations.
Low-maintenance girl
You will never have to worry about your empty pocket in the middle of the month. They suffice with really inexpensive gifts (they are not even expecting any gift). Sweet things like a cup of coffee, a friendship band, or a pen will also draw a smile on their face. :)
Very bad social sense
Yes. If you are too careful to spoil your image, this is an alarm!! Don't approach a nerdy girl at all, 'cause you've no idea when she will laugh out loud in a silent space over a joke she heard two days back. Or when she'll be crying puddles of tears in the memory of her favorite late fiction character.
Enjoys alone time, but not a loner
She doesn't do clingy!! It's not her thing and she expects the same from you. Give her space and her own time. She will definitely appreciate you for understanding this.
Very particular about things - time, day, color, etc.
If you commit to her about anything, she will be very particular about it. A red color shirt should be RED. And a 7 pm meeting should be AT 7PM!! No excuses, except very rare genuine ones!
She doesn't like to change, neither is afraid of being herself
Dude! You wanted her, she did not come to you. Do not advice or instruct her to change herself. She won't. But on the other hand, she is kind enough not to change you either. She'll just let you be.
Introduces you to new dimensions of her world
Trust me, you will enjoy a nerdy girl's company. You might get to know about many different things and facts about the world you didn't even know would exist. And that glow in her eyes while talking about them to you will make you fall for her all again.
Not very girly; not a drama person at all
She is not a 'girly' girl. It is quite possible that you would see her hanging around with guys more than you see her with girls. It is because of a simple reason - she is not a drama queen, and doesn't entertain one.
She sees the best in everyone and everything
A nerdy girl is a very generous and kind soul. She has that rare ability to see good everywhere. She believes that nothing is completely bad or useless. The good part is, even if you are cracked egg, she will treat you as a whole!
Has some really different and weird ideas about dates and proposals
When you are planning the next move, just remember that she is not expecting any regular way of dating or proposal. Make some effort and think about some different ways to sweep her off her feet. It will work in your favor!
Rarest case! How do you know she has started to feel for you??
A nerdy girl - she'll actually notice that she's rambling on about the zombies and milky way, and stops herself, saying, "But enough about zombies. Would you like to take a walk for a while? With me?"