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Things to Talk About With a Girl That'll Hold Her Interest

Mukta Gaikwad May 12, 2019
Things to talk about with a girl can be difficult to find, as women are shy initially. So, here's how you can get the conversation started with a girl.
How often do phone conversations with your girlfriend turn into long, unending spells of silence? 'Nothing much' or 'nothing at all' are the only sweet nothings you are left with. It's frustrating and annoying, when she refuses to speak up or make a conversation with you. Wonder, what the problem is?
Well, it's always difficult to know what women want and what do they want to talk about. Since women have a deeper emotional drive than men, it's difficult for them to open up and confide in someone.
So, if you want to make things work out, with the 'girl in question' or need plausible ideas about things to talk about with a girl, you need to make an emotional bond with her. Find out how to make a meaningful conversation with your girlfriend to know her better.

Talking to a Girl You Just Met

You'll be meeting her this evening at a friend's party or at the coffee shop. Wipe off the perspiration and the worries. It's time to draw some inspiration. The techniques of small talk will come handy. Small beginnings such 'Great, you're on time', 'it's such a lovely place', and 'do you like it here?' will get a small conversation started.
Pick your cues from here and add a little element of surprise at well as adjudicated pauses, and carry forward the conversation. If she seems participative, then...Kudos! Your first move was well executed! Let her know that you'd want to meet her again and catch up, where you left the last time. This way you'll get her phone number or e-mail id.

Before You Begin

  • A girl and a guy go through stages before falling in love. The first meeting is the most crucial one. So, if you've liked this girl in the first meet, you've got to make an unforgettable impression of yourself to her.
  • If you've made a good impression in the first go, she'll meet you again. If she meets you for the second time, the ball is in your court. And the rest shall be history once you've finished reading this piece of art.

Talking on the Phone

Phone conversations can easily turn into phony conversations, since you can't see the person's real reactions. But, if the girl you've just met, is responding to your phone calls, then she sure holds an interest in the ongoing scheme of things. If you are calling her up at the end of the day, ask her about her day (but do not make it an everyday habit).
Tell a little about yourself and fix a date (as to when you'd be meeting her next). Tell her about a new restaurant in your city, that you'd want to check out or talk about a new movie. This is a good way of knowing her likes and dislikes, too. Also, it will give you an edge, while deciding what can you do together.
If you are chatting online or on a social networking site, comment on photographs. A comment, is sure to lead you to a conversation.

While on a Date

Now that you've fixed date or day to meet her next, plan the things you'd want to know about her and the things that you'd want to share with her.
A casual meeting or the first date is always a good chance to know the person better. If she is working, talk about her workplace. Talk about her hobbies, her favorite sports (even if it's shopping), outdoor activities, or any TV show.
Girls are a little more sensitive than boys. Thus, while talking to her make sure they don't offend her. Understanding her mood is very important in order to know which topic to broach. Talking is more than rambling, if you honestly want to make things work out, then make a sincere endeavor of make a conversation. Good luck!