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Wear a Tie Pin the Right Way. We'll Tell You How To

Geeta Dhavale Mar 14, 2019
Be it a cocktail party or a board meeting in the office, tie pins always adds that bit of extra charm and elegance to your personality. Read on to know how to go about it.
A tie is a must have supplement for men's formal clothing, and is always incomplete without a tie pin or tie clip. Tie pins and clips are terms that are used synonymously for each other but they differ in their mechanism.
Tie pins are like safety pins, that need to be put through a tie in order to fasten. On the other hand, a tie clip, also known as tie clasp, does not go through the fabric, but is placed horizontally across the tie.

How to Use a Tie Pin

There are so many varieties of tie pins that you can choose from. You can don tie pins at the work place as well as at a formal dinner. Some of you may not like the idea of wearing one at work, but if you choose a perfect formal designer clothing that goes with it, then it certainly makes you look stylish and enhances your personality as well as appearance.
Wearing a tie pin gives an impression that you are a smart, tidy, and a disciplined person. But always make sure to choose the right style that complement the color and texture of your tie.

Tips for Wearing it Right

The most common amongst any party dress codes is a black tie attire. Generally, men prefer to wear a bow during such parties but you can sport a tie pin on the shirt as well.
  • First, you need to select the right tie and a matching tie pin for yourself. Now wear your shirt, button it and put on the tie.
  • Fasten the tie pin, just like any other pin by taking a fold of the cloth from the tie and inserting its needle through the shirt and the tie in a way, that it fixes properly.
  • Its placement is also a wide area to experiment with. To make it look poised with the tie, make sure it measures ¾ of the total width of the tie.
  • Try to adjust it in a position at the center of the tie. Do not place it too close to the tie knot or the bow, if you are wearing one.
  • If you are wearing a jacket, then try to place it a little above so that it can be seen.
  • Choosing the right material is also essential. They are available in various metals, lightweight, and heavyweight.
  • For award functions, black tie affairs, weddings, or on the day of business mergers, a gold-plated variety is ideal, as it makes you look classy, sophisticated, and elite.
  • For other parties and casual wear, you can try silver tie pins or those made with semi-precious stones, that can go well with white shirts or solid colors. You can decide which type to wear depending on the venue, occasion, and the fabric of the suit.