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From Relationship Diaries: Tips on How to Get a Girlfriend

Rahul Thadani Mar 12, 2019
Are you still wondering how to get that girl to like you? Use these tips and watch the excitement unfold. Getting a girlfriend is no child's play, and you must keep these important tips in mind.
So, if you find yourself in the need of companionship, but are simply unable to get a girlfriend, due to certain reasons, do not be disheartened. You may have discovered many ways to get a girlfriend, but if you constantly remind yourself of the following tips, there's no way you can go wrong, or come up short.
Shed all your inhibitions, and be proud of who you are, and that self-confidence will be visible to one and all. Nothing appeals to a girl more than a red-blooded male, who knows what he wants, and is comfortable in his own skin. Do not compare yourself to other jocks, and don't portray yourself as the next Don Juan.
But if you believe in yourself, getting a girlfriend will be a simple task for you. No girl will appreciate you for trying too hard to be someone you're not. You'll come across the advice of many experts on the matter, but the main essence of all these relationship gurus will be the same, believe in yourself.

Look Presentable

Rule number one is to look your best, especially on your first date. If you dress shabbily, or smell of something rotten, getting her is going to be like walking on water―impossible.
You don't need to dress in fancy designer labels, but wear something you're comfortable in, and don't try too hard to look like a pop star. Also, do not discount the importance of making a good first impression.

Social Circle

You must be around girls. Increase your social circle, go out. Go to places you would not have visited before, and let people see you. Girls will only notice you if they can see you. Don't feel shy or intimidated around girls, and mingle with them freely.

Knowledge Span

Read more books, watch more movies. The more things you know about, the easier it will be to start a conversation. Nobody likes an ignorant person, and you do not want to be dismissed as one.

Be Polite and Chivalrous

Chivalry is not dead, only its appearance has changed. Speak politely, and avoid derogatory remarks, and too much use of slang.
Do simple things like holding the door open, or pulling out a chair when at a restaurant, and trust that they will not go unnoticed.

Do Not be Too Aggressive

Whatever happens, do not appear to be too aggressive or over assertive. You have to give the girl her space, and not make her feel stifled by your presence. Give her the liberty to choose who she wishes to spend her time with.

Maintain Interest in Her

The most important thing is to listen to her, and to take a keen interest in what she says. You may be a Nobel Prize winning physicist, or the next Crocodile Dundee but if you fail to listen to her, you'll only come across as a self-obsessed egotist. Nobody likes those.

Make Her Aware

Make sure that she knows who you really are, and what she'll be getting if she chooses to be with you. Don't leave it uncertain, as she may discover that you and her want completely different things later on.

Impress her Friends and Family

One of the things that people sometimes forget, is to pay attention to her friends and family members.
What girl can resist a guy who can sweep her friends and family off their feet, with his boundless charm and quick wit. Impress them adequately enough, and you've taken a massive step forward.

Compliment Her

Remember to compliment her in new and exciting ways. Contrary to popular belief, flattery can get you anywhere. Comment on her hair, or her dress, or just her general personality. Every girl loves a guy who appreciates her.

Be Mysterious

Do not reveal too much too soon. Keep the mystery alive and surprise her with your spontaneity. Keep her guessing about your next move at all times. Do not let the situation become dull and monotonous.


Lastly, remember that nothing works as effectively as an exuberant disarming smile. The last thing is to let her see how much joy she brings to you, through the power of a dazzling smile, and watch how she melts.
If these tips do not work for you, do not lose hope. Stay positive, and have faith that you will find the right person in time. There's no point in rushing into a relationship, only to realize that you are totally wrong for each other. Wish you all the very best for this endeavor.