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Trendy Hairstyles for Guys

Trendy Hairstyles for Guys

Check out these trendy hairstyles for guys who want to keep it in style all yearlong, without having a hairdo that is shabby or outdated. Learn about tips that can change your whole look within minutes, with a hairstyle that is in and more you..
Naomi Sarah
Guys/men tend to carry off hair that is either a mess, too gelled up or just plain silly; only a few guys who are conscious of how it affects their look, care. Not all guys/men are blessed with a nice head of hair, it can either be thinning out or receding. It is up to guys to know how to maintain a look that is simple yet clean; professional yet playful; fun yet tidy; well taken care of yet not overly done. It's all about balance and keeping it right, with what suits your face and your stature.

You don't want to look ridiculous or carry off a passé look that translates into a boring, been-there-done-that hairdo. Some guys/men out there, keep it different - changing hairstyles as time passes, or even keeping it fresh by experimenting it with their attire to make their hairdo ever trendy. For those guys/men out there who have conventional/unconventional jobs and who take their hair very seriously like most women, then these trendy hairstyles for guys/men, should help you.

Trendy Hairstyles and Haircuts for Guys/Men

Men should keep in mind that they aren't guys anymore, and that they need to stick to a more appropriate hairdo, unless of course you happen to be a tattooist, musician, producer, chef, fashion designer, football player, and so on - you get the picture. Men who choose a way of life that is all business, with an air of formality, need slightly more sober hairstyles to go with the job scene. You don't want to get fired for coming in to work at Wall Street carrying off a mohawk. For those professionals out there, crunching numbers or closing deals in real estate, they need to carry off a more edgier look that is serious and imbues style.

Moderately Gelled Side Parting
It may seem old-fashioned, but it gives off an air of professionalism that goes well with lawyers, doctors, surgeons, businessmen, real estate agents and so on. It's an all business look that you can pull off; although you have to go easy on the gel. You don't want it dripping down your face when the heat's turned up. Trim it short just below the neck hairline, or till around the collar of your shirt. This hairstyle requires one to have short trimmed hair, that sets easily into place.

Gelled back hair
For that Christian Bale look from Batman, guys/men with floppy hair can hold that volume in place by using a good, highly-acclaimed gel. Again, go easy on the gel - hold it back neatly by not using your hands but a wide toothed comb. Thick/wavy hair works well for this, although a good neat trim every month or so is needed.

Taking on a look that goes with a nice shaped head, is advisable for those who wish to skip out on hair care, and the use of hair styling products. It is ideal for men who are on the brink of baldness, to shave their heads. No one likes to witness a head of hair with bald patches. Seeing a guy's/man's scanty head of hair, can be a big turn off for women. So get out that electric shaver, and get rid of the last of your hair. For guys who like the shaved head look, see how it suits your face first, and then later on decide to grow it all back (if you dislike it). You can experiment with shaved symbols, swirly art or text to make it stand out.

This Rastafarian dreadlock look works well for the laid-back guy/man, who has an unconventional way of life. He can afford to grow his hair that long, and keep it braided as well. The look is very old-fashioned, and needs to be outgrown in this day and age. If you think you can pull off this hairdo, then I guess you can give it a shot. What works better, is going with the mini braids that cover only the surface of your head, as opposed to growing it till around your shoulders. This in fact is one of the trendy hairstyles for guys/men, that is better than the long dreadlocks look.

Disheveled Look
Disheveled hair doesn't have to spring up an image of a bad-hair-day kind of messy hairdo. This hairdo allows guys/men to use styling products and hairspray to hold messy, yet quite presentable hair in one place. It is hairdo that will never go out of style and is a much-preferred trendy hairstyle for men. Some hair cutting techniques used are - 'razoring' hair, layering it or trimming it unevenly. This works well for medium length or long hair.

These suggestive haircuts/hairdos can be very interesting when it comes to working your hair. Guys/men need to take care of not over styling their hair with products, as this can cause long-lasting damage over time. There are always remedial ways to restore hair health, but it is nonetheless better to be a little grooming-conscious. Keep it stylish.