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Sharpen Your Swagger: Fashionable Types of Men's Suits to Choose From

Types of Men's Suits
At a very simplistic level, a suit is a pair of jacket and trousers made of the same fabric, supposed to be worn together. At a more logical level, there is way, way more that you need to learn about suits. Here's MenWit's suit guide to help you out.
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Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
God! They're Pricey.
If you thought normal suits could burn a hole in your pocket, let us introduce you to the most expensive suit of them all. Stuart Hughes in collaboration with Richard Jewels is the creator of a cashmere-silk fabric suit which is embellished with 480 half carat diamonds and costs a whopping $900,000!
A businessman trying to look his professional best, a smart dresser being his fashionable self, a college student trying to look older; something all of these people have in common is the need to have a good suit in their wardrobe. Because with that one weapon in their arsenal, half the battle is already won. But how much do you know about this garment that can be your go-to for almost any formal event. Do you know of the many, many options that exist for you? Or are you one of those people who think all suits look the same? Well, if you belong to the latter section, it is time you educate yourself and get the basics down. Because we think you will agree with us here, when we say that wearing a suit is where dressing like a man actually begins.
The Different Makes
To an untrained eye, suits may look as if they have the same structure and silhouette, but someone a little more trained will tell you that suits come from one of three families―American, Italian, and British.
Different men's suit makes
What the Americans Made
Made popular in the 1920s by the Ivy Leaguers, the American Sack Suit is boxier than its more-fitted counterparts. It follows the natural shoulder line of a person and allows for a roomier body. More often than not, this style of suit is single-breasted and has two or three buttons. The armhole is higher and the vent is centered at the back. The trousers are generally not pleated. In its original form, this style of suit was considered less stylish but more comfortable because of its looser cut.
What the Italians Made
Also known as the Continental style, the Italian style is noticeable because of its stylish cut, light and slim construction, and squared and high shoulders. Of the three makes, this style is considered to be the most modern. Traditionally, the suits didn't have a vent, but today, they have two vents. The jackets are shorter, and the shoulders are padded. The pants tend to be slim-fitting and snug. This make of suits is most suited to men who are tall, slim, and have an enviably lean physique.
What the English Made
British style or British traditional style suits are generally cut closer to the body, and therefore, are narrow and have defined shoulders with thicker shoulder pads. They could be single or double-breasted, and have two side vents. The seam joining the collar and the lapel, known as the gorge lines, are comparatively lower in this style. The trousers are usually high-waisted, and generally, have pleats so as to give the pants some shape. Men who have an average build should benefit most from this make of suits.
The original American Sack Suit is a rare vision nowadays. The style of the suit has become more streamlined, bringing it closer to its British and Italian counterparts. The Italian style suit is best suited to a younger man, or for someone who is looking for a somewhat trendy look. The British style is one of the more preferred options, as it is the perfect amalgamation of style and comfort.
Single-breasted or Double-breasted
As soon as you see a suit, the first element that you notice about it is whether the suit is a single-breasted or a double-breasted one. The difference between the two is how the jacket buttons up. A single-breasted suit jacket has a single column of buttons down the front, with just enough flap overlapping so that the suit can be buttoned up. A double-breasted suit, on the other hand, has two columns of buttons, with one flap overlapping the second flap so as to be joined with the column of buttons on the opposite flap. This difference becomes more evident when you observe the images given here.
Different breasted-patterns for men's suits
In today's day and age, the double-breasted suit jacket has become very rare, because of the dominance of the single-breasted version. But the former can be quite flattering for a guy who is tall and lean, as it gives the illusion of a slightly fuller appearance. If you are on the heavier side, it may be a good idea to stick to single-breasted options, as the double-breasted jacket draws attention to the abdominal area. Also, in modern times, the single-breasted suit is a professional standard and most acceptable at formal occasions.
Button Styles
A suit jacket has either one or two columns of buttons depending on whether it is single-breasted or double-breasted. A single-breasted suit can have anywhere between one to four buttons. While one-button, two-button, and three-button suits are still quite popular, four-button suits are rarer.
Different button styles for men's suits
In this section, we discuss the more popular button styles.
One-button Suits
Made popular by jazz artists in the '60s and the '70s, the one button suit is a more stylish option that should be restricted to after-work occasions. These suits are most flattering on slim or skinny men. This suit should be always buttoned when the wearer is standing, and unbuttoned when sitting.
Two-button Suits
Two-button suits are one of the most popular styles and a fashion standard of sorts, as it flatters almost every body type. When wearing a two-button suit, always fasten the top button of the jacket. The bottom button should be never fastened.
Three-button Suits
Traditionally, three-button suits work the best for most body types, because they give the wearer an illusion of height. The rule for fastening buttons with this suit is sometimes-always-never, which means you may fasten the first button, you will always fasten the second button, and absolutely never fasten the last button.

While these are the button styles for single-breasted jackets, double-breasted suits have either four or six buttons (4 over 2 or 6 over 2) on each side, and one button that is located on the inside. When the jacket has six buttons, you fasten the lower four. The jigger (the button on the inside) is used to close the jacket.

These are the main categories on the basis of which suits are differentiated from each other. Often people refer to, (for convenience sake), the tuxedo as a type of suit. More a style, it is a suit in which traditionally, the lapels were faced with satin. Today, the facing could be self-trimmed or even made of velvet or leather. The tuxedo is a style that is considered the best option for a formal dinner event. You find this suit in both single-breasted and double-breasted styles.
Different styles for men's suits
Another suit style that is quite popular for formal events and for business meetings is a three-piece suit. In this style, a single-breasted suit jacket is layered over a vest (generally, matching) to create an elegant look. This is a style that is quite popular during winters when it allows for much-required extra warmth.

The business suit is, without doubt, the most universally-identifiable and appropriate piece of clothing in a man's wardrobe. There are very few events where a well-cut and flattering suit would look out of place. As someone looking to buy a suit, knowing the different types and styles available is very important, as it allows you to keep your options open and look for something that truly suits you. If you are at the cornerstone of starting your sartorial journey, start by picking a good suit. You won't go wrong.
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