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Understanding Women - Useful, Essential Advice for Men

Kundan Pandey Mar 12, 2019
So, figuring out what women really expect from you has been no less than an ordeal for you? You've tried to understand her but have failed miserably? Demystify the age-old myth that women are absolutely difficult to understand by reading this following piece.
Women are a wonderful gift of the creator to mankind. They're also the most enigmatic and the most beautiful creation on this Universe. Beauty, grace, simplicity, love, care, and concern are so meticulously integrated in their genes that they swiftly change roles, and undertake numerous responsibilities with it.
Bestowed with the ability to create and carry a life in their wombs, and with abundant love in their hearts, they form the lifeline of this universe. From being a mother, to a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a wife--they're masters of multitasking. The radiance and happiness that they create in any place brings about life and longevity.
They're so true that they have been taken for granted. And that's why, truly knowing a woman, has become a problem for a majority of men. Which is why the 21st century dating world is obsessed about touting women as 'difficult-to-understand' creatures. Women may be different in body constitution and behavior but they are not difficult to understand.
To understand them, all that is needed is to follow some fundamentals of a healthy relationship. Women rarely want the stars or the moon or a barrage of promises, all they want is love and then some more love along with kindness, integrity, and care.
Women, in essence, possess a certain creativity and zest of life, such that understanding them is not a herculean task. But if you're a man, who is finding it utterly difficult to understand women in relationships, then following these simple tips will help. You'll be able to create a beautiful relationship by implementing them.

They Love to Communicate

Well, this is the most basic characteristic feature of women. Listen to her. Listen, listen, listen some more, and then speak.
When she is serious about an issue, do give her complete attention. Shut down all other distractions. When she speaks, you've got to LISTEN to her. Without that, she will always remain a mystery--and remember, women don't always say what they really mean in the most direct manner, it is then up to the guy to know her enough to understand her subtle hints.

They Want Security

Women need security. And so they expect their partners to be self confident, established and caring. If you're not someone who believes in open relationships or is monogamous, don't you want security in your relationship?
A capable man who is decisive and can confidently handle tough situations, is always preferred by women rather than someone who is wavering and indecisive. As that special someone, ensure that she feels secure with you in all aspects - social, financial, physical, and emotional.
"Honey, we don't talk like we used to in our initial days"--if your lady says this to you, do you know what it really means? Well, it means that she doesn't feel close to you like she did earlier and she is worried about the relationship.
Don't expect her to directly say that she is worried about the relationship. Being so deeply in love, women find it difficult to express things like these even if they want to. She may hint it with her words.

They Want Romance

Before you go on to equate romance to physical intimacy, for women, we're afraid, it's not really that simple. Physical intimacy is, of course, a crucial factor in a relationship, but romance always gains equal, if not more, importance--cuddling, affectionate hugs, and kisses--all these are a crucial aspect of any relationship for a woman.
So if you've been drop dead boring in your approach to physical intimacy, it's time to dig up some tricks. And don't forget to express what you're feeling. Women like to know that they are loved and cared for.

They Want Validation

Your partner must have asked you very often--"Do I look OK in this outfit"? What do you think she really means? Well, even if the dress is looking fine on her, she may be a bit insecure about her appearance. Appreciate her, and say to her that she is looking fine.
Women inherently require appreciation, and there is nothing wrong or right in it. Make her feel special, help her in her wardrobe selection, and just observe how elated she feels!

They Want Respect

It is obvious that every individual seeks respect in life--women, therefore, are no exceptions to this rule. But understanding something, and actually bringing it into action are two different things--respect her as a woman and be kind and caring to her.
Respect for each other must be the foundation stone of every relationship. Male chivalry is never obsolete, it's a precious commodity, especially in today's era. Respect her decisions, involve her in your life decisions, and see how genuinely happy she will be.

They Like to be in Control

And by control we mean that she will advise you to do things in a certain way, and she will help you take better decisions. She will deftly arrange every room in the house, and she may even impose restrictions about what should and should not be done.
She may control your house, but don't you think this is required to make a marriage work? A little bit of control from both sides is crucial to keep the relationship going.
We know the basics, we all do, and yet, we create unnecessary chaos that women are not understanding or that they are complex. Strengthen your foundation of a relationship and simplify your expectations. Gradually, you'll understand just how important she has been in shaping your life.