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Unique Date Ideas

Truly Unique and Out-of-the-box Ideas to Make Your Date Momentous

The zephyr is plotting to bring the two of you together, and even the beautiful moon seems to have enlarged itself to create the most enigmatic atmosphere for the two of you.
Ankana Dey Choudhury
Last Updated: Dec 13, 2018
With Cupid going out of his way to see the two of you together, shed all garbs of inhibition and see how your beloved is swept off the floor right into your arms forevermore. Simply follow these ideas and feel the mercury rising!
Unique Ideas for a Date
Snapshots Galore
Here's something that you should plan a little ahead of the 'D' day, and it is truly one of the most romantic date ideas at home. It's very simple, but you need to keep it hushed before the surprise opening.
Just click a lot of photographs of your partner whenever she isn't paying attention. For instance, take a snap of hers when she fell asleep on the sofa, while trying to wait up for you, or maybe when she smiled shyly at her friend's innuendos, or a shot of that contemplative look while looking out of the restaurant window.
Just random shots like these, but things that innately represent her and sketch out her personality. Preferably opt for black and white snaps, as somehow the play of shadow and light in those photos reflect much more than colored photos.
Now, choose, say, 8 to 9 snaps that you like best and get them enlarged and framed. Put up the photos on the walls of a room (ideally white walls and a tall window), clear out all other furniture from the room except for a small table for a cozy two, chairs, and a hearthrug with some pillows thrown in.
Put on your lady's favorite love song, dim the lights, blindfold her, and bring her into the room. Then remove the cloth and brighten the lights. The rest shall be history.
Truth and Dare for Two
Truth and dare is the best way to get to know another person in the most personal ways possible, unlocking all those pent-up emotions in the fun way. Have a drink or two with your romantic interest before rolling out the rug for the game.
Remember, games are fun, so this is your chance to privy out all those things that either you would feel embarrassed to ask otherwise, or she would not divulge comfortably under normal circumstances.
The naughtiness of this game actually opens the doors for you to bring out those spicy passions without offending the other person. Indulge in naughty questions and dare ideas sans hesitation and you shall see that irresistibly implicative smile, and the gleam in the eye appearing in no time.
Explore all the possibilities of becoming closer, not only physically, but more importantly mentally, that this game throws up in front of you. If the two of you have been dating for quite sometime now, then too you can play this game to add that zing to your love life.
Booking the Basket
Take your girl to a bookstore that has nice comfy sofas and may be even a house coffee shop. The smell of books and thousands of people who have penned down all their most ardent passions, all around! Bliss! Just walk around and share your feelings about the authors.
With all those pages around, conversation just naturally flows. And even if the two of you don't talk, just feel the presence of each other in the same space and drink in the feeling of being together. Also, just keep a lookout for the books and DVDs your partner seems to like.
Later, sit her down for some coffee, excuse yourself (to go to the loo maybe) and pick up all that she liked in the course of that evening. Place them all in a basket and just ask a waiter to give it to her as she sits there waiting for you return. Write a note and place it on top to add that dash of romantic twist!
Unique First Date Ideas
A first date just has to be made special as it decides the fate of the relationship, so you have no choice but to get it right. Here are some unique ideas for a date that shall keep the butterflies in your stomach up for times to come even after that date.
Away on a Rooftop
You literally need to do nothing in advance for this date except for maybe burn a CD with all your love's favorite songs. Look around and you shall find a lot of tall buildings around you, or even may be a well-maintained park with very few people after sunset. Carry a portable music system with you, and, of course, a rug and a few comfy cushions.
guitar playing and woman dancing
Now, just take your partner to the top of the building, roll out the rug, put on the music and voila! The setting is ready. You can even put on that perfect song for slow dancing, and dance under the stars with your partner. Totally romantic and gives you lots of uninterrupted time to talk your madly in love hearts away.
Dinner on Water
Here's one of the perfectly romantic unique dating ideas that can turn your first date to a sheer magical experience. Find out the nearest lake in the neighborhood that provides boating facilities. Make the dishes loved by your partner and arrange for a sweet dinner on the boat in the middle of the lake! Of course embellish it up with some candles and music.
couple Dinner in boat
Nobody to disturb you out there, away from the world, you can enjoy this cozy time alone. Ah the rush of first love!
Couple at moon night
Go on. Making your dates special isn't difficult at all. It just needs a little bit of prior thought and a very strong desire to make the night special. Unique date ideas can only take you to a certain level, but it's your love and sincerity that can spread the warmth all the way.