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Vitamins for Hair Growth for Men

Kanika Khara Nov 22, 2018
Read on to know about some of the best vitamins for hair growth for men.
As we all know, vitamins are the essential nutrients that help the body in performing various functions. Right from vitamin A to vitamin E, each has its own important role to play for proper body conditioning and growth.
Likewise, you all will be surprised to know that there are some hair vitamins that are effective in making our hair strong, shiny, and resistant to all those factors and hair problems that make them brittle and dry. Hence, one major hair problem which is commonly seen in men, mainly after the age of 35 or 40, is hair loss.
Hair fall, hair thinning, or hair loss, all are common problems that most men find difficult to deal with. Moreover, consistent and excessive loss of hair can even result in baldness in men.
Being a huge matter of concern, most men without knowing the actual cause for hair loss start looking out for different ways that can help solve these hair problems, and so, they usually end up making wrong choices for their treatment.

Essential Vitamins

Studies show that one of major causes for hair loss in men is deficiency of certain vitamins in the diet. Hence, the easiest way to get rid of all these hair problems is to improve the consumption of vitamins that promote hair growth in men.
These vitamins for hair growth basically work by blocking the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is considered to be one of the major cause for hair loss or hair fall. Also they provide a healthy environment for the hair to grow by rejuvenating damaged hair follicles and supplying proper nourishment to the scalp.
But what vitamins are good for hair growth in men, we will know in the following sections.

Vitamin A

Apart from being good for eyesight, it is also useful in promoting healthy hair growth. Its anti-oxidant effects help maintain the natural oils or sebum in the scalp. Foods rich in vitamin A are milk, green leafy vegetables, milk, eggs, cheese, meat, etc.

Vitamin B

One of the most effective vitamins for hair growth for African Americans is the vitamin B complex, including vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), vitamin B6, and vitamin B12.
All these are highly useful in preventing hair loss, as they work by improving the scalp blood circulation, which helps in healthy hair growth. Eggs, fish, chicken, milk, whole grains, meat, etc. are foods rich in vitamin B.

Vitamin C

It promotes healthy hair growth by maintaining capillaries that carry blood to hair follicles, hence improving the scalp blood circulation.
All citrus fruits, like oranges, lemon, potatoes, berries, etc. are loaded with this essential nutrient that prevent damaged hair, split ends, and hair breakage.

Vitamin E

Deficiency of vitamin E in the body can also lead to hair thinning and hair fall. Hence, for proper hair growth it is essential to increase its intake in your diet. It works by increasing the oxygen uptake, which enhances the scalp circulation and promotes the healthy growth of hair.
Foods rich in vitamin E include beans, nuts, green vegetables, etc.
To sum up, we can say that these vitamins help to slow down the hair thinning and falling process, and promoting healthy growth of hair. You can increase their consumption by either eating foods rich in them or by having easily available supplements.
Disclaimer: The information given should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.