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Know What Attracts Women to Men: Remember, They Do a Detailed Study

Dhanya Joy Apr 17, 2019
Women are a mystery to men. The things that attract a woman to a man are simple, however many are unaware about them. Here are the things to help you attract any woman you want.
Women, in general, have always been a mystery to men. No matter how hard men they try, understanding women is just not their cup of tea. What a man does not know is that there are a lot of things that attract women. You can surely rely on the laws of attraction to make things work for you, but it does not really work that way for women.
Women are attracted to more traits other than physical appearances. The details are what draw them towards men, rather than just their looks or financial status. For a woman, personality, good body language, self-assertiveness, chivalry, and intelligence works much better than money and good looks. Listed are a few of the factors that women are attracted by.

Body Language

A confident body language can make any woman fall for you. You may have a very good physique that may help you get noticed, but if your body language is not right, there is no chance of anyone being attracted to you.
Your body language should be able to convey that you feel comfortable about your looks and physical attributes. This will be put across appropriately only when you carry yourself the right way.


A chivalrous attitude is appreciated and loved by all women, and can be the key to instant attraction. Chivalrous men definitely stand out from the crowd and women feel safer with them.

Sense of Humor

A good sense of humor is definitely important. Women love spending time with men with a good sense of humor. Not everyone is inherently funny, but it is possible to develop a good sense of humor.

Be Genuine

Women hate it when men try to be someone they aren't. Men often try to 'put on' stuff to try to impress women, be it their dressing, the way they talk and behave, their compliments, etc. It's a big turn off for women.
So, be genuine in the way you behave, and the real you might just be what someone falls for.

Intelligence and Creativity

Two very important traits that women fall for are intelligence and creativity. A woman would date an average looking intelligent guy, than fall for a handsome but dumb man. If you are creative and fun-loving, there is no woman that could resist you.

Listening Skills

A guy who is attentive and listens to what a woman is saying is surely one step ahead in winning her over. Women always want to be heard, and if you give her that she will be very attracted to you. This will also prove to be beneficial in a relationship.
Apart from these factors, keep in mind to dress well, smell good, and always make her feel special. Remember not to overdo it, keep it natural, and do not play hard to get. It will just put women off.