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What Does it Really Mean When Your Girlfriend Wants a Break?

Neha Joshi Apr 17, 2019
Everything in your relationship was a dream come true. Everyday you woke up to a happier day, until one day she said she wanted a break. What happened? Let's look at a few possibilities.
One day, suddenly, your girlfriend tells you she wants a break. That can be a sudden shock, right? However, instead of being surprised and all worked up, calm down and ask her what's wrong.
Maybe you would hear something that would really hold some rationality. Maybe there was something you missed for a very long time. All your girlfriend needs now is some understanding. Be patient and talk it out with her; see how it works.

Reasons For Taking Break

She's had enough

In a relationship, there are two people with two different mindsets that think differently. Due to this, we need to adjust our thoughts and actions from time to time, to accommodate each other.
If this isn't happening and if you are too adamant about certain habits or opinions, she might have given up on changing herself. She might have tried to show you how it's bothering her, but if you have overlooked her views time and again, she might think she isn't important enough. Maybe after all the trying in vain, she's had enough.

She's bored

If you've been in a relationship for a very long time, she might be bored now. Of course, she in no way intends to break up or end this relationship, she just wants some time for herself.
Maybe all her friends enjoy and party all the time and she has always spent that time with you. This is a phase everyone goes through. She might think she wants something different in life; thing not person. Change is very important in every relationship. Try new things and bring in excitement once you'll are back to give it a try.

She's caught you

Has she caught you cheating on her? This is something only you can tell. Maybe there was a time when you lied and things just got worse from there. You might wonder how she hasn't yet confronted you, but that's how some women are.
They will think it's their fault you fell for someone else, because they lack in something. She might want this break because she isn't entirely sure whether what she's thinking is right or wrong. She only wants time out maybe.

You're crossing the line.

Girls don't like guys who cling to them all the time, it smothers them. Yes, every girl likes being the center of her guy's attention, but all the time? That might just get a little irritating.
Maybe you just aren't giving her enough space; trust me, that is one of the most essential things in a relationship. If you are insecure and question her a lot, she may think it's time to take a break from all these questions and doubts.

She's going through tough times.

There are times in everyone's life where small things add tremendous pressure to existing problems. At such times, your girlfriend might decide to take a break until she solves issues that are troubling her.
Yes, there are people who might feel that a relationship actually supports you through such times, but then every girl is different and how she handles pressure is also entirely different. At such times, it's very important that you understand her.
In any case, you don't have to panic. Panic will complicate issues even further. Take this time to think what must have gone wrong and most importantly, how you can make it better. Best of Luck!