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What Girls Look for in Guys

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Sep 29, 2018
Now, this is something every hopeful candidate in the dating game would love to know. What girls look for in guys is easy to understand, but difficult to implement for most guys.
Men are bad at understanding women, and even hopeless at reading subtle signs. So, unless we women voice our needs by shouting them over rooftops, it is unlikely that we can get our point across.
Women have always intrigued men, in more ways than one. Since ages, men have struggled to read the obscure minds of girls, but to no avail. What girls look for in guys, is one such question that often baffles them.

Physical Aspects

Looks do matter when it comes to wooing a girl. Having said that, it doesn't mean that average looking ones have no chance.
Gorgeous looks can only get you so far, but there are other things that can actually help you create a bond with the girl of your dreams. Of course, great looks with a masculine build are simply irresistible. Girls surely find it impossible to say no when an attractive person asks them out.
However, one need not be a certain Robert Pattinson or Gerard Butler to ask a girl out on a date. There are many physical attributes, which girls find attractive even in a 'guy next door'.
A beautiful smile that reflects in your eyes can never fail when it comes to dating. A soft, playful voice can win the heart of any girl. However, some may get attracted to a deep, manly voice. A good sense of humor and the ability to make a good conversation are a must.

Emotional Compatibility

More than physical appearance, it is the emotional behavior that can help you establish a gratifying relationship. No matter how hard your girl tries to convince you that she is an independent woman and can take care of herself, at heart, she loves to be pampered and be emotionally dependent on you.
However, bear in mind that not all independent girls are the same. Some may not like being pampered, and some definitely do not like being emotionally dependent.
But remember that a loving and caring boyfriend who listens patiently to all her nonsense babble, offers a shoulder to cry upon when she has a hard day at office, and doesn't mind lifting ten shopping bags for her (bonus points if he pays for them as well!), is all a girl could ask for in her life.
Politeness is another quality girls would like to have in their potential boyfriends. An arrogant male who talks disrespectfully is a big turn off in spite of his killer looks.
No matter how educated or independent your girl is, she will always love it when you open a door for her or pull a chair for her.
A guy who lets her order her own food and drink and volunteers to foot the bill, comes across as great husband material. Chivalrous people have a better chance of winning a girl over in no time.
Girls love guys who are confident and independent. You may not be successful or rich, but the confidence and your faith in yourself can help you gain her respect. They hate men who are irresponsible whiners, who blame their destinies for their failures. Thus, you are allowed to be ugly and broke, as long as you have confidence.
The things girls look for in guys, undergo a huge change over a period of time. What teenage girls look for may not be the same as the things an independent woman seeks in her life partner.
However, the bottom line is that most girls like decent ones, who are loving, caring, and can look after their own lives.
Thus, the needs and demands of a girl are pretty easy to understand. These qualities are almost always present in most good guys. You only need to identify your plus points, and polish yourself according to your girl's expectations.