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Want to Get Your Girl Back? Convince Her By Saying These Things

Neha Joshi Apr 19, 2019
She's left and now there is nothing but loneliness encompassing your life. Use this advice to get her back.
We all make mistakes. Big ones, small ones, some knowingly, and some unknowingly. But sometimes, we have to pay for those mistakes in a way that's just not acceptable.
Your girl has now left you, for reasons that only you can tell. Instead of crying over what has happened, what you can do is, try to get her back. But how? She just won't listen to you. She won't take your calls, won't reply to your texts, and won't even come in front of you.
At such times, you need to go that extra mile and do something different. Words can help you the most when you want to convey every feeling that has crossed your mind in the past few days. What you say to her now, can make all the difference. Here are some ideas that will help.


Say Sorry

If you have lost her, you must be at fault somewhere. Say sorry for whatever you've done. Accept the smallest of mistakes you've made. Apologize for all the wrong that happened because of you and all that she had to go through.
Tell her that you're apologizing from the bottom of your heart, and you really mean this more than anything you have ever meant in your life. If she doesn't hear you out, say sorry as many times as it would take for her to forgive you.

Say What You Feel

Tell her what you're feeling right now and what you're going through. Tell her how miserable you have been without her and how helpless her absence has made you.
Whatever comes to your mind, just tell her all of it. Let go of all the emotional baggage at once so even you feel lighter from that moment onward. Don't keep anything to yourself as it might lead to misunderstandings again and ask her to do the same. Ask her what she feels about you at this moment when you're saying sorry for what you've done.

Words Are All You Have

If your calls and messages are not getting replies, you can try writing a letter and say a lot if you choose your words correctly. In the letter, tell her about how everything seems in your head. Mention each situation where you think you've been wrong and hurt her.
Tell her exactly how you are feeling without her and how beautiful it was to have her. Say everything that might make her want to meet you and hear you out.

Say It Won't Happen Again

Convince her that what happened won't happen again, ever. Tell her how much you regret whatever happened between the both of you and the reason she had to leave. Say that the guilt of it all is killing you and that forgiveness is all that you ask for.
You need to assure her that this time around, this won't take the turn it took last time. Also, in the meantime, if you have worked on something to make it better, tell her. Tell her you are ready to do whatever it takes to get her back.

Be Positive

Don't lose confidence and be positive. Whatever you say, show her the positives in getting back. Talking more about things that happened will remind her of them even more. You have to be positive in everything you say and every word you utter or write down.
Tell her how things can work for the better and how it's going to be nothing but more beautiful than what it was before. Say that you would only work on making it more meaningful and happy from now on.
Remember, words have the power to convince anybody, only if they have truth in them. If you mean what you say, then she will surely forgive you. The best thing to do is, say everything you've wanted to say and get it done with. Remember, time doesn't wait for anyone.