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What to Say to a Girl You Love

She'll Adore You for This: What to Say to a Girl You Love

Men always wonder what is the right thing to say to a woman they are in love with. This article will provide you with tips on how to go about trying to impress the girl you like, without ruining your chances of dating her.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
This is a dilemma for men of all ages; right from a teen who has fallen in love for the first time, to a man of thirty, who is perhaps in love, for good. The reason behind the confusion is that most men find women very unpredictable and difficult to understand.
This creates total confusion in a man's mind, and in many cases, he simply refrains from trying to woo the woman he is attracted to. In fact, some men do not even know how to approach or talk to a woman.
Sweet Things to Say to a Girl
If you want to tell a woman that you like her, there are several ways on how to go about it. It is best that you first try to befriend her. Find out about her likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. Pay attention to what she is saying and be there for her whenever she needs someone. Becoming a friend will also help you find out whether she is single or not. Once you have reached a certain comfort level with her and you know for sure that she is single, it is time to express your feelings.
Most women appreciate honesty in a man. So, instead of beating around the bush, tell her directly that you like her and would want to date her. Be ready with the reasons of why you like her. Mention her good qualities; the way she laughs, the way she argues, or her maturity. All women love to be complimented. So, even if she does not like you yet, she will feel flattered.
If the girl reciprocates your feelings, good for you! However, if she is still thinking and taking her time, you need to make more of an effort. Once you have expressed your feelings for her, do not pester her, constantly; it will not make her like you in return.
Through your actions, show her that you care. Open doors for her, pull a chair out for her; in short, be a thorough gentleman. If you have the same set of friends and gone out late in the night, make sure to drop her home, safely. If she faces a problem, be the first one to help and support her. Remember, "Actions speak louder than words."; she will soon realize that you are indeed a genuine person.
If she finally agrees to go on a date, you need to work on impressing her. Plan something unique and romantic. Making dinner for both of you is a good idea; a romantic setting, complete with candlelight, red roses, and wine, on a rooftop. She will surely appreciate your efforts.
Compliment what she's wearing or the way she looks. One of the sweetest things to say to a girl is how amazing you find her and how lucky you feel because she likes you back. Be genuine when you say this, as women are pretty good at spotting fakes!
If you are really serious about this girl and thinking about a long-term commitment, tell her that. Most women look for lifelong commitment and security. So, if she likes you, too, she will be overjoyed. You can say something like, "I loved you yesterday, I love you today, and it's going to remain like that, forever.".
Couple Enjoying Candlelight Dinner