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What to Say When You Propose

What to Say When You Propose
If you are waiting to ask that special someone out, and are at a loss of words, read the article below immediately. You need some great proposal ideas, don't you? In the following article, we don't tell you about just those, but also how to use them when you propose! Check them out!
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018
You hear a lot of horror stories about proposing and things going horribly wrong - it went really, really well and I was really pleased when she said yes. ~ Prince William

It was so simple; walking up to the girl you wanted to marry, and saying I love you, and then waiting for an answer. Depending on what you heard: everything would either be happy ever after; or it would be time (to hear a no) to move on and find love again; or the preparation for proposing again. But that was back then. Today, you will hardly find anyone who says just that. The three magical words will now be accompanied with beautiful flowers, gifts and some more special words too. If you started writing them down, you would find infinite things to say, when you propose someone; you would indeed come up with a list that is endless.

If you just say the magic words, it would be doing injustice to the situation today. You have to do something different, something unique, to increase your chances of hearing something positive. I say, the gifts and the flowers can take a back seat; but words, they can make a lot of difference. A 'No' might just turn into a 'Yes'. Having said that, let's go ahead to the different ways in which you can propose someone, with some brilliant proposal ideas!

What You Should Say When You Propose to Someone

Say What You Feel
One of the best, and easiest thing to say when you propose, is to say what you truly feel. It doesn't only make the proposal seem genuine, but also lets the other person know what you're actually thinking. If you want to make it better, write down what you feel; every single thought. Go through it once, before you actually say it when you propose. This will help you omit everything that is not to be said. It is very important you tell her how she makes you feel.

Write a Poem
If you're creative enough to write a poem, do it immediately. Put all your feelings into that poem, and say it when you propose her. Truly a romantic proposal idea, isn't it? Something that will surely make her heart melt. You don't have to be an expert at poetry to do this. Just arrange all the words well, and try to rhyme a few. A self-written poem is surely one of the best things to say! You can obviously find a poem on the Internet, but that won't be as intense as the first option.

A Lovely Letter
A letter can actually be a combined alternative of the two options mentioned above. This is what you can say when you propose through it. You can write everything you feel about the girl you want to propose, and add a poem in it. You can also include stuff like '10 reasons why I love you', 'how I fell in love with you', and maybe 'how I know you are the one for me'. Make a big fat letter and say everything you ever wanted to. Every girl wants to hear more about how she makes you feel nice!

Sing a Song
This is one of the best engagement proposals I know of. If there is a song you like, sing it for her in public. Ask her out in front of everyone; genuinely a special way of proposing someone. You can also compose a song on your own, maybe with the help of a few friends. This gesture will make anyone say a yes. If you are good with an instrument, you can use that too. You can also take her out on a karaoke night, and ask her out with the help of a song.

Happy Humor
Write a small note that says 'Reasons Why You Should Say Yes to Me'. Send her this note with a wonderful bouquet of flowers. In the note, write 10 funny reasons why she should say a yes. You can write things like: you'll always have someone to complain to; you'll always have someone to walk your dog; you'll always have someone to tuck you in bed and/or you'll always have a punch bag ready when needed. There is no way a girl wouldn't go weak in her knees after receiving this.

Now that you know these remarkably different ways to propose, you are completely equipped to go and try something new. Go down on your knees, and say what your heart tells you to. Knowing what to say when you propose isn't really that difficult, is it? Proposing someone is not a casual affair, it requires genuine emotion and effort. If you think you have finally found that special someone, these proposal ideas might just get her to say a yes to you in no time. Best of Luck!
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