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A Meaningful Conversation: What to Talk About on a First Date?

Mukta Gaikwad Mar 12, 2019
Fumbling with words is very natural on your first date. To ease your apprehensions, here are some tips to initiate meaningful conversations to get to know each other.
As the time for your first date nears, the apprehension is only likely to increase. And it obvious, that the first date is the best opportunity to make a lasting impression. You may figure out what to do on your first date, but choosing topics to talk about, is a hard nut to crack.
Finding the right words, to get to know each other better isn't a child's play. It has to have the right amount of humor, a tone of concern, and the required courtesy to make her feel comfortable, cared for, and attended to.

Who Are You?

If you want to know her, it's vital that you begin with sharing information about yourself. Talk about where you are from, your school, number of people in your family, college, your job, and share other basic information.
Talk about your friends and find out whether you have common friends or any common long distant relatives. This will lead you to a conversation, which will bring out your backgrounds and your history.

What Do You Like?

The obvious series of questions after knowing each other in brevity, are the ones that talk about your likes and dislikes.
Questions such as 'what is your favorite book?', 'what is your favorite cuisine?', and so on will tell you about each other's likes in a bit more detail, than just a one word answer. At this juncture, you need to be an active listener and share your likes and dislikes too, if you wish to get to know her better.

Making Conversations

As you get talking about your likes and dislikes, it will lead to conversations about funny incidences, anecdotes and discussions.
The tactful thing to do here is, allow the other person to talk more, while you play the role of an active listener, effectively. Discussions will bring forth her opinions and judgments, which is an excellent way of knowing a person. Keep the bone of contention light, to avoid heated arguments. Having fun is more important than winning a debate.

Your Plans

No. This does not mean you ask her what is her plan after your date. Talk about your jobs, your professions, career ambitions and life goals. Ask her questions about her dream job and how does she plan to get it.
No matter how small dreams are, they define a person to a large extent. So, share your dreams and listen to what she has to say. If you both share the same dream, there's no reason why you wouldn't click!

Other People

Commenting on people around is an activity all of us love to indulge in! We all are a little judgmental under our skin. So, take this opportunity and turn it into a topic on your first date.
For fun sake, observe people around you. Look at what they are wearing, what they are eating, who they are with, and what they are doing and make improvisational stories around it. This activity is brilliant fun and stretches your imagination to a whole new level. Try it out!
Strictly refrain any innuendos, excessive flirting, baggage of past relationships, and profanity. These will totally put off a woman and you'll lose your chance. Hope these suggestions have helped you out figure what to talk about on a first date. Lastly, dress well and smell good, because most of us do fall for looks first.