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Things to Talk About With a Girl You Like

Neha Joshi Feb 17, 2019
Conversations can make or break relationships. If you want to make yours beautiful, these tips are an important lesson for you.
You know she likes you. She never thinks twice before accompanying you somewhere, always responds to your texts, and never sleeps before talking to you. The fire is lit from both ends, but it's too soon to say anything.
A relationship, you think, can take some more time. Maybe you'd like to know her better. Want to be completely sure? Fair enough. Whatever your reasons are, you need to keep up with the pace till then. How? By talking to her about the right things.

Ask Her What She Likes About You

Asking a girl what she likes about you will surely help you a lot. First, it'll tell her that what she thinks about you is important to you and that you want to know it. Second, it is going to tell you what she likes and dislikes about you; this will help you improve in her eyes.
While talking about this, you will also come to know what qualities in people does she like and doesn't. If you want, you can talk to her about this on the phone. You won't be with her physically and she'll be more comfortable in answering these questions.

What She Hates

I'll tell you how this works. Some girls hate guys who smoke or who are not serious about the way they are living their lives. Some girls don't like people who waste a lot of time going to bars or who have a long history of relationships behind them.
So, know what kind of people she detests and make your moves accordingly. Don't lie to her and fake stuff, but try to improve on the things that might create problems between you both in future.

Discuss Her Favorite Topics

One of the best ways to keep a girl happy is to talk to her about things that interest her. If she likes talking about shopping, so be it. Talk about it. No matter how boring it gets. You will have to find out what interests her or if she is passionate about something in particular.
If it's painting or if it's something as simple as writing poetry, talk to her about it. Ask her how she started with all this in the first place―what or who inspired her, who is her role model, etc. Talking about these things will keep her happy and ultimately, every time she is with you, she'll be happy.

Talk Good to Her and About Her

One more thing you need to keep in mind is that all the conversations have to focus around her, unless she starts to talk about you. She needs the attention in all these conversations; don't worry about over doing it, all attention is good attention.
Say things that will make her smile and that will make her feel good. An important thing to keep in mind is to make her feel comfortable all the time.

Talk to Assure Her

This is very important! Every girl needs assurance from a guy that he won't hurt her. This might seem a little weird when you are reading it right now, but then no one wants to be around guys who are there today and not there tomorrow.
You also have to keep in mind the dangers of someone else being the Mr. Right and not you. For all these reasons, assure her of your genuineness and let her know that her happiness is of utmost importance. Also, make sure you are actually doing what you say and not doing all this just to impress her temporarily.
Now that you know what to talk about with a girl you like, it'll be much easier for you to be around her, not afraid of topics running out. Avoid talking about her past or things that are too private, unless she herself starts talking about them. Take her out to nice places so talking becomes easier.