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What Women Find Attractive in a Man

Parul Solanki Sep 26, 2018
Intelligent, smart, strong and sensitive; knowing what women find attractive in a man is not really impossible. Whether it is your face or your personality, here is a guide to what women like in men.
Some like them strong, some like them intelligent and sensitive, and there are still some who want to have it all. What women find attractive in a man is a mystery to men with most of them finding it hard to impress those attractive, single women despite the valiant efforts and a whole lot of flowers and gifts.
However, what guys fail to realize is that most women are excellent at figuring out the "real man" and sort out the ones who are just trying to pretend.
So if you are one of those who are just sitting there, scratching your head, and wondering why is it that women tend to overlook you, or see you 'just a friend' rather than a potential boyfriend, here are some tips that will help you figure out what they're actually looking for.

What Do Women Find Attractive in a Man?

What Women Find Attractive in Men Physically

A reality check for most guys and an important relationship advice. It is not just men who want to date hot blonde girls, but women too have physical attractiveness high up in the radar when looking for a man.
Instead, what attracts women is a guy who is healthy and strong, is dressed well, is clean-cut, and has a great smile, especially the one which reaches his eyes.
Believe me this alpha male will surely score over someone who is badly dressed and has a perpetual frown on his face. Remember that while the personality of a person does matter, a lot of the initial attraction is based on what women find physically attractive in men.

Self-confidence is Attractive

Men who are confident and sure of themselves are attractive to women. Wimpy men are a definite no-no, especially the ones who look needy and are constantly groveling for love and sex.
Instead, an inner drive and a confidence makes you an instant people magnet. Do not try to fake this though. Women are quite adept at understanding the body language of men and can easily distinguish when you are faking it.

Intelligence and a Sense of Humor Always Pays

This is for all those men who are out sweating it out in a gym hoping to attract girls with their brawny bodies. Well, to tell you the truth, women are more into the personality thing. So a guy who is not a Superman lookalike can still date an attractive woman if he has the sense of humor and intelligence to talk about certain things.
Girls like to be around guys who can converse easily about a vast range of topics and are basically fun to be with. So be real, charismatic, exciting, and funny, and believe me you are well on your way to becoming the type of man who naturally attracts women.

Women Love Sensitive Men

An uncharted territory for most men but sensitivity is a surefire way to woo a woman. Here sensitivity means, a man who understands a woman and listens to her.
You need to treat the woman with respect and the care she deserves and not just nod away while she is venting out her frustrations while you are busy watching the baseball game. An honest, trustworthy man with a genuine sense of caring is something that women will naturally fall for.
Women love having the feeling that they are the only ones that can capture all your attention. Looking at the other hot girl in the bar or talking about your ex girlfriends is definitely not going to help you score points with a woman.
So the next time you are with a woman DO NOT
  • Use tacky pickup lines.
  • Ask her something that makes her uncomfortable.
  • Pester her with flowers and gifts when she is not interested.
  • Drink or smoke excessively.
  • Look like you do not care about things like your career, a house, or even a car. A woman needs a mature adult not a slob who would sit and laze around.
  • Be brutally honest (You might just get slapped for telling her she is fat).
Almost every woman will have their very own secret list of what they find attractive in a man. While some find a man's voice attractive, others can like the way he laughs. However, the best way of attracting women is just by being yourself and natural self rather than trying to imitate someone you are not.