What Women Look for in Men

What Women Look for in Men: Brains Over Brawn, Certainly

Women aren't as inscrutable as you think they are. Here's what women look for in men. Hope you will understand them now...
MenWit Staff
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
A woman can say more in a sigh than a man can say in a sermon. - Arnold Haultain

That's true. Women are better with expressing themselves through silence and with words, as compared to men. Thus, if you listen carefully and actively, you will know what qualities do women look for in men. Women, essentially have a deeper emotional drive than men (this doesn't mean men are insensitive). This is primarily the reason why, it takes a long time for a woman to befriend a man, and even longer to make him a part of her life. We woman hold our emotions at the highest on the victory stand. It is something we were born with, something we cultivated (knowingly or unknowingly) and inevitably, it is the factor which emphasizes our femininity. So, we just expect men to understand, and be insightful about our emotional side, and well may be...a little more.

The first thing that a woman wants is honesty and integrity. This may sound clich├ęd, but it's equally true! The first reason why she will accept you as a friend, is because she can believe you. Your friendship has credibility, unlike the faux relationships one shares with general friends. So, if you have it in you to be honest, and upfront you stand a chance of winning her heart.

Reliability. Irrespective of the state of the relationship, that is, platonic or romantic, a woman looks for a partner who is reliable. This stems from our primal instincts. As men are the providers, protectors, and the possessors; women are the caretakers, nurturers, and life givers. Thus, we look for partners (reliable ones) who can protect what we care for, nurture, and give life to. Can't help it, it's our basic instinct.

The biggest mistake that men make is to offer solutions. Men have solutions for everything and anything in this world. Sadly, all we women expect, is to hear us out. Don't calm us down, let us vent it, and be a part of our excitement, without being judgmental or critical. Is that too much to ask? Hearing out, what she has to say will help both of you make an emotional bond. If you can allow her to anchor her emotions in you, there is nothing more to what women really look for in men.

Without any ego clashes, let's face it, that girls mature faster than boys. Thus, the traits women look for in men are of maturity. This means, we want you to be calm and composed, in control of your emotions as opposed to violent display of anger. By maturity we mean, taking calculated risks over impulsive, regrettable decisions. By maturity we mean, facing your fears than running away from them.

Maybe girls, mostly teenagers, would be interested in a Prince charming. However, womanhood makes them realize that looks are just an illusion. So, what women look for in men, is exactly what a man would want from his woman.