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What Women Really Want

Janna Seliger Mar 12, 2019
Woman want men to listen, not hear. This and some more tips for guys coming straight from the woman's mouth. Keep reading.
First of all, one must keep in mind that every woman is different. This is by far the most important fact guys must be aware of. For example: Some girls like guys who are thin and intellectual, while my college roommate likes men who are beefy and athletic.
Some like men who are "nice boys", while she enjoys a bit of a naughty streak in them. To put it simply, we are attracted to polar opposites on the masculinity spectrum.
Now that we've covered the "every girl is different" part, we can begin with the generalizations. These are not facts, but merely what women in general tend to look for in a potential mate. There are exceptions to every rule, but statistics and human nature have shown there are certain fixed aspects women look for in men.


Women want a man who is healthy! It makes a lot of sense if you look at it from the perspective of prehistoric humans. A woman wouldn't mate with a sickly man, then because her offspring might become sickly.
Now, for those of you guys who suffer from whatever ailments or disabilities, modern-day humans are often different in this regard, though this instinct does still exist. A physically healthy man will find a mate more easily than someone who isn't healthy.

Income or Potential Income

Though when it comes to true love, money doesn't matter. When it comes to dating in general, financial success or a potential for financial success is more attractive, than poverty or unemployment.
The only way you can achieve this is through hard work and possibly a college education. Women see a hard worker as someone, who will be able to support them and their potential offspring.

A Listener

A man who listens to what his girl is saying is, by most women's standards, far more attractive than a man who listens only to his own words. Being a good listener shows you'll be caring and attentive in other areas of life, such as during sex or in child rearing.


Being supportive of the woman, is in any relationship, a good thing. A man who supports his significant other in her aspirations, or in life in general, is seen as far superior to a man, who is not supportive or is self-centered.
A supportive nature shows that not only will the man take care of her, but he'll take care of any children they might have together as well.
All right guys, you heard it straight from the woman herself! You now know what it is women are looking for in a man. It's not something specific like a haircut or fancy clothes.
Those are personal preferences, and not something that can attract women in general. If you can fit the aforementioned characteristics, you'll find yourself having a much easier time finding the girl of your dreams!