What Women Want in a Man

What Women Want in a Man - Unravel the Secrets That Ladies Hide!

The most challenging question of all times is 'What women want in a man?' (Isn't it guys?) Understanding a woman's emotions is not that easy. With a little effort you can unravel the secret that are hidden in a woman's heart.
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Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
It is said that a woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets. What goes on in a woman's mind is difficult to figure out. One of the reasons why one may find it tough to understand women is because the way that women process their emotions and thoughts is different from the way men process their emotions. Even Sigmund Freud, the father of modern psychology, couldn't figure out a woman's thought process. When it comes to choosing a partner, it is very difficult to tell what do women in a man. In the following paragraphs, let us discuss the parameters, which a woman looks out for while choosing her partner.

What do Women Want in a Man - List

A woman has many expectations from her man (which is not wrong). Let's take a look at the qualities a woman may look for, in a man.
  • A woman will not expect a guy to be wimpy. Confidence is the first thing a woman looks out for in a man. A man should be confident of whatever he does. He should not apologize and should be himself, instead of pretending.
  • A man having a good sense of humor is well appreciated by a woman. The two most important qualities of attracting a woman are being funny and cocky. A dull, boring man is a strict no-no, but it does not mean that you have to laugh and be funny at all times, which may make you look silly.
  • Women appreciate men who listen to what they say. A woman loves sharing her thoughts and problems with the man she is with. A man must be supportive and understanding. Whenever she talks listen to her attentively, and giving necessary feedback at times is always appreciated. Acknowledge her needs and she'll also reciprocate the same way you expect her to be.
  • Women love a man who is romantic and goes that extra mile for her. Make her feel that she is the ultimate one for you.
  • Women adore men who are chivalrous, like being a gentleman and opening doors for her, having a protective arm around her whenever she is in trouble or if there is any danger and helping her with the chores.
What Women Want From Men

Here are a few things what women want men to know
  • As women are an emotional species, they love men who are sensitive. Be there for her always, let her know that you care and share your emotions. Spend some quality time with her, no matter how busy you are. The fact that you find time out of your busy schedule just to be with her, will certainly be appreciated.
  • Women love surprises and also love to be pampered. Women like men to be generous. Don't be a miser, but don't be a spend thrift either. An occasional gift suddenly out of the blue can win her heart. It's good to go overboard at times, but don't do it often or else you'll be shown the door.
  • Women like men to be loyal. Tell her about your past relationships, if you've had any. Being a man of character will help reap a relationship that is built on trust. Love that is backed up by trust and respect will build a strong relationship that can stand the test of time and life. Never cheat on your woman and never tell her that you cheated on your ex. This won't make her feel that you are trustworthy or wise, but instead it will make you look cheap.
  • A woman likes to be respected by her man. If she wants to be treated like an equal, then respect her wish. There are times when you'd like to pay for a dinner or a concert, but if she insists on sharing the bill, allow her.
What Women Want in a Guy
  • The first thing what women want in a man physically, is that he should be well built and strong (if you are a hot hunk, then wow!) If you are a guy with good physical traits, get ready to have a fan following.
  • Women never accept clingy guys and who expect to be told everything. Respect her privacy. Let her also enjoy her own space, like a girls night out or going out with her friends.
  • No woman likes a doormat for a boyfriend. Be bold and confident in whatever you do. Women prefer guys who can take their own decisions and not the 'whatever you want' types.
  • Women love creativity and appreciate any extra effort taken for her. You can make her day by just going out of your way to please her with something creative made specially for her.
  • Be a true friend for her and offer her a sense of security by offering physical and emotional support. Let her know that even if she grows old or flabby, you'll always be there for her and that you are reliable.
  • A woman always will like a guy who plans and has ambition. Be sure what you want to do and workout the plan. Asking for her suggestions will make her feel that you also respect her choice. An ambitious man, who knows what he wants exactly, is always respected.
Now that you know what do women want from men, go ahead and woo that girl you've been eying for a long time. Show her that you're all that she expects and sweep her off her feet. She is sure to fall head-over-heels in love with you.
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