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What Do Women Want Men to Know? Things - Some Obvious, Some Vague

Mukta Gaikwad Apr 17, 2019
What women want men to know? Seems like a tough one. But, it isn't. The answers are as obvious as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, which is perhaps why it's so easily missed. Let's make an attempt to understand what women want the men to understand.
The gender war over superior sex with a simpler mind seems too inscrutable. However, in all fairness, all that can be said is, women are equally simple in thought and sentiment, if not more.
There is nothing so complicated about them (as opposed to what most men believe), unless they, try to break into the personal, protected, and shielded space. It is sacred than any God in this world. Instead of breaking-in, try to be a part of it by knowing what women want, to understand them better.

We Have a Deeper Emotional Drive

The sacred space is where women harbor their deepest, the most intense, and treasured emotions. It is this space which provides refuge when in moments of confusion and emotional chaos. It's a small world that allows them to be who they are.
It is this emotional drive, which becomes the reason why you fall in love with women. Don't barge into it and label them as inscrutable minds with complex thought processes. Just let them be. If that is what women seem like, it's OK!
The only way men in love, will be able to get to it, is with patience and perseverance. Build a bond of sovereign trust with your girl, and see her open that box of treasures.

Romance Vs Intimacy

This is a debate that is older than mountains. So, while there are some women who prefer physical intimacy over romance, and some want otherwise. In either case, intimate moments play a major role. A woman's body needs to be aroused with a slow sensual seduction. It has to be promised pleasure, and its outcome.

We Are Silly

Yes. Women are silly and they like it that way. What women want men to know about them is that (sometimes) they like to throw tantrums. They like to act cute and pick up fights (a harmless squabble).
Acting silly is their way of demanding attention. So, the next time your girl starts a fight, do not calm her down. Just a little TLC (tender love, and care) and she'll fall in love with you all over again.

Be There

That's all women really ask for. Just be there. It is true that women love to talk, gossip, and nag (but if she's in love with you, she'll cut you some slack). Often men complain about women complaining. She will stop whining, if you make an effort to hear her out.
Your listening skills will be put to test now. The one thing women absolutely detest hearing is, "Forget it!". If it was about forgetting, she wouldn't have been fretting over it to begin with. Do not offer solutions saying, 'things will be alright,' because she knows that they have to be. Give her a shoulder to cry on, and be supportive of the circumstance.
To put it simply, allow your girl to build a bond of trust, intimacy, and emotional fidelity with you. They say, fools rush in where angels fear to tread. So, to be her guardian angel, let her come to you. Just be there, and she will be yours.