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These are the Various Reasons Why Women Normally Cringe

Here are some additional notes on understanding why women cringe; that is if we can understand why this happens.
Prerna Salla Feb 15, 2019
The best way to approach a woman is not flaunting your wealth, but through innovative ideas to take it cool, and being as casual as possible. She might like your casual and easygoing personality.

Exchanging Numbers

It is best if you make a head start by giving her your number first, and then ask for hers. To ensure a positive outcome, here are few tips.

Waiting For the Next Three Days

Even though you want to phone her the very next day, it is best if you don't, because you don't want to come across as desperate. So follow the golden rule of waiting for three days before you call her. If this is far too predictable for your taste, make it happen in style by calling her the very next evening. If she's into you, she'll be happy you called.

Calling Too Often

The worst you could do is call her more than once a day and leave a slew of messages, hoping that maybe she'll answer one of your calls.
Be logical and call her once or a maximum of two times before she calls you back. If she hasn't returned your call after you've called her twice, move on to other prospects.

Calling Her With Your Mouth Full!

If you're hungry, eat before you speak to her on the phone for the first time. She won't enjoy hearing the crunching and slurping sounds of you eating during your conversation.
Nobody does, for that matter! Instead, set aside some time to call her when you aren't too rushed. This also gives her the impression that the moment is specifically carved for her. Remember, women need attention.

Cramming for Concentration

You need to understand that your lady needs your undivided attention. Therefore, avoid surfing, watching TV or reading the newspaper while you're chatting. So, if you are the type who gets easily distracted, allot a special time for your date where you will not be bothered by your cell phone and newspaper.

Amnesia Can Be Dangerous

Forgetting the details about your first encounter could be bad too! So when you meet your match, repeat her name after she introduces herself; this will help you remember it.
Make mental notes of the information she tells you, like what she does for a living or things you have in common. Write it down, if it needs to be written, when you get home. Remembering some of the major incidents of her life will impress her.

Give Yourself a Break Too!

Talking too much about yourself without engaging her in a conversation can make you look self-centered, even if you're only nervous. You could keep the conversation generic, and ask her the same questions she is asking you.
Topics of discussion can include a variation of career, likes, dislikes, and family. Avoid touchy subjects like politics and religion until you know her better. Moreover, such topics are largely boring while talking to women!
It's important to note that women are always noticing little details, so a good first impression is crucial for getting her phone number. Be considerate, take the time to look and smell your best, and maintain a truly positive behavior. These are some of the pointers that will help you tread on the path to a successful relationship!