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Why You Should Never Propose in Public

Many think proposing in public is the epitome of romanticism. But, it may not always be a great idea. Find here, the dos and don'ts of proposing in public.
Divya Bichu Apr 7, 2019
If scriptwriters are to be believed, then every marriage proposal is a public one. It indeed is a wonderful expression of confessing your love and taking it to the next level amidst thousands of people. However, sometimes the girl can turn down the proposal and rather coldly. So... does it mean you should never propose in public?
Well, not really. Yet you cannot always go through great lengths to propose to your girl, how much ever fascinated you are about the whole idea. And if your proposing just for the fun of it, it is not just a bad idea but a total jerk move. You might even end up spoiling the former friendship you shared with that person and hurt her feelings.
The point is to play it safe. You cannot never propose in public, you can! But get to know your girl. You have been in a relationship for a long time, (assuming) you definitely can figure out what she likes and what puts her off. Avoid it if you think it might embarrass her.
There are plenty of other ways to express and announce your feelings for your loved one. Find here, the precautions you have to take before you declare your love to your sweetheart publicly.

Marriage Proposal Dos And Don'ts

When you just think you are understanding all what your girl is actually saying, it is just then her actions will contradict all of it and leave you confused in the bargain. It is indeed difficult to understand women. But, it is important to know what kind of a person she is.
Does she like being in the spotlight or simply likes a cozy corner. Pay close attention to her, because it doesn't matter how deeply you love her, it is important she also feels the same for you and loves the act of going down on knees for her in public.
Not many girls like to be in the spotlight and especially in a situation like this! It could be really embarrassing if she hates limelight and a public affair. So, avoid proposing in public if you aren't really sure how she would react to the whole thing, or else you will end embarrassing her and yourself too.
In case you have organized a party to gather your closed ones, then perhaps a home-bound public proposal is a good idea. Of course coordinate all your surprises with the crowd invited and seek their approval, for you don't want to upset them with any of your acts. The risk factor of being embarrassed or she not accepting your proposal is a little less.
It could be a stressed moment for the lady and she would be totally speechless about the whole thing. So, don't expect her to say yes immediately, she is utterly unprepared.
This might come as a complete shock too, give her sometime to consider the proposal. It is the most important decision of her life after all. And if she is ready and has a slight idea of your proposal plan, you might be successful in making this the most magical moment of her life.
No girl in the best of her senses will ever turn a guy down coldly (she cannot be that cruel) and definitely not if you have known each other for a long time. Most guys rush into proposing their girl publicly, at a time which is considered too early in a relationship. This too early cannot be defined and is very subjective.
In the first blush of love it is not very difficult to not do such stupid things. However, wait until both of you feel the same for each other, stabilize your relationship and then plunge into proposing her in public. Get to know each other properly, remember it is commitment for a lifetime. This will not only strengthen your relationship but marriage too.
You can propose your lady love privately and once she approves of it, time to celebrate with your family and friends!
Please do not put your lady through all the embarrassment by proposing to her in public if she is not ready for it, the rule is understanding your woman. So, all the best! May the marriage proposal be the most happiest moment for you together as a couple!