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8 Truly Amazing Hairstyles for Men With Widow's Peak

8 Amazing Hairstyles for Men with Widow's Peak
For men with a receding hairline, the most worrisome thing is the appearance of the widow's peak. If that little space is sending chills down your spine, sit back and relax because in this MenWit article, you can go through different widow's peak hairstyles that enable you to hide it as well as attenuate it.
Jhulin Bihari
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
When men undergo premature balding, then widow's peak starts showing up. Well, widow's peak is a V-shaped hairline with hair diminishing in a direction away from the center of the forehead and giving an appearance of a 'peak'. The peak divides the hair growth in a bilateral symmetry, without which the hairline runs straight. But guys, do not dread this; consider it as a different element. Now, start exploring your new looks with the widow's peak.
Fun Fact and Myth about widow's peak
It's widely believed that the widow's peak, also known as cow's lick, is managed by one gene with two alleles. And that allele's dominance over the straight hairline allele gives birth to the widow's peak. This myth is not supported by any scientific findings though.
Trendy Hairstyles to Hide Widow's Peak
Windswept bangs
windswept bang
People with an oval or round face can opt for this hairdo. This variation brings back the dynamic and nonchalant personality. It requires minimum styling and effort to cover the widow's peak.
Sleek and straight bangs
sleek and straight bangs
Guys with a diamond or oval face can go for this hairstyle. This hairdo involves long bangs which cover the hairline. Chopped layers are avoided at the front, while the hair at the back is kept short. This hairstyle gives a smooth, shiny, and sophisticated look.
Fade hairdo
fade hairdo
If you have a square face cut, then this hairstyle is just right for you. This is a chic way to cover the widow's peak. Fade hairstyle can be of different types like low fade, high fade, mid fade, taper fade, and classic fade. In this hairstyle, hair is shaved or cropped close to the skin, while the hair on top is attenuated to highlight the faded look. This is a classic haircut which complements both windswept and sleek bangs.
Wavy front with swept bang
wavy front with swept bang
Adding waves to the front bangs will not only hide the widow's peak but also add volume to the receding hairline. This hairstyle can be kept messy and unkempt.
Trendy hairstyles to attenuate widow's peak
Pompadour style
pompadour style
This hairdo adds a certain edginess to a man's look. It is probably the best way to highlight the widow's peak in a very sexy way. In this hairstyle, the sides are kept short and the hair is swept back or side-wise. Guys with a round face should opt for this style. But this hairdo has shortcomings in terms of maintenance. If you are a hair dedicated person, then you will have to trim it everyday to maintain the look and shape.
Combed back
combed back
In this hairdo, hair is combed and pulled back. This style looks great for medium length hair. Gel and wax can weave magic to make it look voluminous.
Buzz cut
buzz cut
This is a low maintenance cut. In this style, entire hair is blended and kept uniformly short all over the head. This is a style that can suit people with any face shape.
Undercut hairdo
undercut hairdo
This hairstyle gives a perfection to the peak and also adds flexibility. You can side sweep and back sweep. This cut is kept short and shaved from sides, and the hair at the top is kept disconnected from all the sides.
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