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Best Khakis for Men

Best Khakis for Men

You can choose the best khakis and pair them up with your dressy casual attire. Read the following article about the best khakis for men.
Rutuja Jathar
Belonging to the least fashion-conscious clan, most of the men often tend to overlook fashion. They neither pay much attention nor spend enough time in deciding what to wear and how to look fashionable. It is the reason why choosing the best pair of pants can be a biggest fashion dilemma for them. The ones who like to keep themselves updated on the latest fashion trends don't face such difficulties. All the men who want to break free from the formal clothing have a great solution in front of them, in the form of khakis. These pants for men and women are considered as the best business casual attire. They make you feel relaxed with their comfortable fitting and don't let you violate the formal dress code either. However, when it comes to choosing the best khakis for men, pairing them up with right kind of shirts and footwear gets equally essential.

Choosing the Best

Men who get bored with pleated pants that they have to wear with the formal men's clothing, always find khaki pants as a refreshing escape. Apart from black tie events, these pants are gaining immense popularity amongst both men and women. You can wear them as business casual attire, business formal attire, and for totally casual events too. In fact, they are the best option for men to wear on casual weddings and beach wedding. The most important thing is to choose the right kind of patterns, colors, and good shirts to pair them up. All in all, if you want to dress up or dress down, this piece of clothing is the one that you would definitely want to have in your wardrobe.

Khaki is a fabric, which is used for making military uniforms. The pants are made using blends of synthetic fibers, cotton, and wool. There are three basic types from which you can select - regular, dark, light. As you can guess, these types are determined on the basis of the color shades of these pants. The standard shade is the color khaki itself, which is a mix of tan and light shades of brown. Dark ones come in shades of muddy colors, like drab olive and various dirty shades of brown. Light-colored ones are made in colors, like beige and other light shades of yellow and cream.

Wearing the Best

All the above mentioned types go with different types of men's clothing, precisely shirts. For instance, dark hues look great with earthy colors, while regular ones look great with vibrant color shades, like red, purple, yellow, green, and blue. Light colors look great when they are paired with light and dark denim shirts, navy blues, and blacks. Now, the correct pairing is determined by considering the mood of the event. If it is a casual event, then you can wear a pair of khakis, a graphic T-shirt, and a trendy sport coat. For footwear, you can wear buck shoes, sandals, or men's boots. You can also wear a polo shirt with uncommon colors, like light orange, light pink, baby blue, and mint green. You can wear sweat vests too.

If you are looking to wear good pants on a business casual event, then you can dress them up with a matching blazer, a light blue dress shirt, and a slim, but dark-colored striped necktie. Wear brown oxfords, and you are all set to go! Make sure that you choose flat front pants that end just above the upper heel and shoe lace. Avoid clothes that might look baggy and excessively bunchy. For a dressy casual attire, wear a nice dress shirt and avoid the necktie. When it comes to fully casual, you can try several other variants, like cargo and corduroy pants. The average approximate cost of this fabric is around USD 40, and hence, I would insist that you should buy at least one pair for certain occasions.