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Body Lotions for Men

Body Lotions for Men

The best body lotion for men are the ones that have a mild fragrance, last all day long, have a light texture and have SPF. Find some useful reviews in this article.
Torque Earnest
There is a considerable difference in the skin types of men and women. The following reviews will help you choose a body lotion which is most suited to your skin type.

The first thing to consider is whether you need a lotion or a cream. Gauge the usage and suitability of both in body butter vs body lotion. Apart from the difference in consistency, there is a considerable difference in the suitability of the same on your type of skin. For example, if you have dry skin, you essentially need a cream rather than a lotion.

New Vaseline MEN Body & Face Lotion
This product claims to boost the resilience of the skin and keep it hydrated all day long. It has a fast absorbing formula that immediately gets absorbed into the skin, and helps keep the skin surface oil free. The product also claims to treat dry skin which is a rare quality because what most skin moisturizers do is just give a layer for hydration. It will cost you around $7.

Nivea Body Revitalizing Body Lotion
Costing around $8, this lotion is reported to be very effective in improving the skin texture. It has aloe vera and vitamin E which are known for their healing and skin softening properties. Ideally suited for men as it has a very mild fragrance and a very light texture as well that allows to start working immediately after having applied the lotion.

Every Man Jack - Body Lotion Sun Protection 30 SPF
One reason for this product being rated as the best in the class is because this is lotion comes with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) which is ideal for the men who are outdoors for most of the time in the day. As the name suggests the product has 30 SPF which protects your skin not only from getting tanned but also from the harmful rays of the sun. The price of this product is around $8.

Anthony Logistics Glycerin Hand & Body Lotion
This works wonders on the problem areas like the elbow and knees which tend to get very tough, rough and dark especially in cases of men. It stays all day long, soothing and conditioning your skin perfectly and at the same time is non greasy. It costs around $24.

Calvin Klein Eternity Men Body Moisturizer
This product is rated quite high among the users because of its long-lasting and smooth feel. It is inspired by the Eternity perfume, so the fragrance remains light and masculine. However the main USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is the fragrance. It costs around $22.

Hope this helps you in choosing the right product for yourself.