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Happening Braids for Men. Style it, Flaunt It!

Braids for Men
Braids are a cool way to give yourself a different look. Men can choose from the various types of braids that are in vogue and flaunt them in style!
Smita Pandit
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018
While women have been always keen to don different types of hairstyles to enhance their appearance, men are also not far behind. Gone are the days when men were content with donning simple short hairstyles throughout their lives, nowadays men are more than willing to experiment with their hair for giving themselves a fresh new look every now and then. A stylish hairstyle can definitely transform your appearance which is why many fashion-conscious men can be seen flaunting unique hairstyles. Whether you want to keep your hair short or long, there are a variety of styling options to choose from. Men who don't wish to cut their hair short, can grow their hair and style them into braids.
Though African-American men have always flaunted their braided look, braided styles are no longer restricted to African-Americans. This hairstyle has certainly caught the fancy of men in many parts of the world. There are many unique braided hair styles for men to choose from. These can surely jazz up your look. Though long hair makes the task of braiding easier and the number of styling options are more, men with short hair can also sport braided hairstyles. If the thought of sporting a braided hairdo has been lurking in your mind for some time, you can go through this information on different types of braids for men.
Braided Hairstyles for Men
Braiding hair might be a time-consuming process, but believe me, once this task is complete, you will surely love your look. If maintained well, these braid styles can last for several weeks. There are many types of braided hairstyles that could spice up your look. If you have long hair, you have a number of styling options to choose from. Mini braids, box braids, tree braids and cornrows could certainly give a stylish braided look. You can either make very thin or delicate micro-braids or make medium box braids. Cornrows is one of the most popular braided hair style that can certainly make heads turn. You should, however, select a style that goes well with your face shape. Here is some information on different types of popular braided hairstyles for men.
mini braids
Young African American Man
Micro Braids
micro braids
If your hair is long, you can don micro braids. Since these are smaller and thinner version of the simple three-strand English braid, these are called micro braids. For styling your hair into micro braids, your hair has to be parted in many small sections and braided. The thickness of the braids can make a lot of difference to the hairstyle.
You can even get your hair styled into the very thin, delicate invisible braids. Invisible braids are so thin that these almost look like normal strands of hair when seen from distance. One can also use beads or other hair accessories to make this hairdo look funkier. You can also tie these micro braids into a low ponytail. These braids can also be interwoven to create a cool braided look.
spiky braids
While men with long hair can braid their hair into delicate or thick braids and wear their hair down or tie them into a ponytail, those with short hair can also style their hair into short braids. While the braids made with longer hair are flatter around the scalp, braids made from hair shorter than three inches might give a spiked appearance. These short braids surely look cool.
If you are not too keen on donning short braids, you can either wait till your hair grows longer or use hair extensions for donning box braids or pixie braids.
Cornrows is a popular hair braiding technique that is often used by men to spice up their braided look. It is certainly one of the most fashionable braid styles for men. Cornrows is a style wherein braids are made very close to the scalp in simple or complex geometric patterns.
man with cornrows hairstyle
Cornrow designs can range from simple symmetrical designs to complex zigzag parts or intricate patterns. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular black hairstyle. To create cornrows, one's hair must be at least four inches long. One can create cornrows all over the scalp or make partial cornrows. While one can have partial cornrows, the rest of the hair can be styles into twists, dreadlocks or simple braids. Long braids can also be combined with cornrows to create a stylish braided look.
This was all about braided hairstyles for men. Now that you have some idea about the braided styles, experiment with these black hair braiding styles for giving yourself a new look.
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Man With Dreadlocks
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