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Cheap Bow Ties

Cheap Bow Ties

Bow ties are used for enhancing the appearance of dinner jackets and suits at formal occasions. The cheap options mentioned below would help in choosing low cost products, that also look good.
Shashank Nakate
A necktie that is worn in a manner to form loops at opposite ends is known as a bow tie. Nowadays, ready-made/ready-tied ones are available in the market. These are different from the self-ties in a sense that the wearer has to create the loop of ribbon all by himself in the latter. The popularity of bow ties had reduced for some period. Neckties had replaced them for a while; today, however, they are making a comeback.

The different affordable products, which are available in the market, are discussed in the paragraphs below. These include products made from cotton, polyester, and other fibers.
  • Metallic Bow Ties: These are available in the 4½ x 2 inch size and come with an elastic band. One dozen cost about USD 2.40.
  • Arlene's Costumes Bow Ties: The bow ties produced by Arlene's Costumes are available in 3 colors and are priced at USD 6.99.
  • Burgundy & Navy Stripe Band Collar Bow Ties: These are made from polyester and measure 5 inches across. Its width is 2-3 inches at the ends. A single piece of this product costs USD 8.95.
  • Velvet Bow Ties: These are available through a website called HalloweenCostumes4u. Different colors in which the bow tie is available are green, blue, black, red, and purple. They are priced at USD 5 per piece.
  • Tuxedo Bow Ties TT00: These are made with polyester and have a satin finish. They have a size of 4.5 (length) x 2 (width) inches. They come with an adjustable neckband. The specialty of the Tuxedo TT00 is that it fits all sizes. Cost of every single piece of this product is USD 2.40.
  • Hirsch Bow Ties: The Hirsch bow tie is another cheap product priced at USD 6 per piece. They are 4 inches in length across with a width of 1.42 inches.
  • Green Sparkling Bow Ties: These are decorated with sequins and are suitable for parties. They come with elastic bands and cost USD 9.99 per dozen.
  • Gold & Navy Stripe Band Collar Bow Ties: It costs USD 8.95 per piece. These ties measure 5 inches across and have a width of 2-3 inches at their ends. They are made from polyester and fit all sizes.
  • Neon Dotted Bow Ties: These are worn on special occasions like Halloween parties. These dotted ties are perfectly suited for clown costumes worn in Halloween parties. A single piece costs USD 7.
  • Bowtie Solid Turquoise: This one is suited for weddings and other formal occasions. It comes with a clip for holding it in place; the band of this tie goes around the neck. At the edges, this tie is 2-2½ inches wide. It costs USD 7.95 per piece.
  • Narrow Bow Ties: These are available in green, red, and blue colors. They cost USD 6 per piece.
Importance of Bow Ties

The origin of bow ties is very interesting. In the 17th century, during the Prussian war, Croatians used to wear a scarf to hold together the openings of shirts. Later, it was adopted by the French and emerged as a fashion in the 18th and 19th century. The earlier name of bow tie given by the French is 'cravat'. The cravat gradually evolved into what we call as the bow tie and neck tie.