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Cheating Wife - What to Do

Is Your Wife Cheating on You? We'll Tell You What to Do

Women are deceptive beings, is a well-known fact. So, if you are faced with a cheating wife, what will you do? How would you concretely know if she is cheating or not? Do you confront? Do you forgive and forget? This article provides some much-needed help... from a woman.
Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Young couple having a good time - Indoors
"David and Illeana were a happy couple. They had met two years ago through a common friend at a wedding. Their parents became fond of the couple almost instantly. While for David, it was love at first sight, Illeana was not much into the concept of love. Indeed, she was very fond of David and cared deeply for him. They were intimate and understanding towards each other. Nonetheless, Illeana always felt that something was missing. She was happy, but not completely consumed in the relationship. She then met Wesley, a friend of David's. They got along, and Illeana found that she often longed for Wesley's company, more than David's. David sensed that the two had a chemistry going. He jumped to the conclusion that she was cheating on him. Maybe she was, maybe she wasn't. But how would he know?"
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Many couples have been in a similar situation as Illeana and David. The biggest issue being that men are often forced to believe that women are deceptive and complicated. While that is not entirely untrue, jumping to the conclusion that you have a cheating wife, would be unfair. When a woman is in such a confusion, she looks out for cheating signs. Well, men can use a similar route by looking for these signs of cheating in a relationship.
Before getting to the actual concept of what you must do with a cheating wife, one needs to know that women can cheat on their husbands without actually being intimate with another man. For the purpose of convenience, let's divide the types of cheating in two parts: emotional cheating in a relationship and physical cheating in a relationship. Either way, the husbands need to know that you can get your wife back.
How to Find Out if Wife is Cheating?
Well, if you are in serious doubts about the fidelity of the woman you are married to, you can ease your mind by keeping an eye out for these signs, that your wife is cheating. A word of advice though, these signs are also tentative results. Even if you notice all the signs, there is a 10% chance that your wife is completely loyal to you.
She Suspects You are Doubting Her
Women have a tendency to be suspicious if they are in a position wherein they can get caught. That is, they see the world as they are. She will be suspicious of your behavior. This can be for two reasons. Firstly, if your behavior has suddenly changed, or if she is doing something on the side.
If you are behaving differently, but you are still suspicious that she is having an affair. Become normal, and don't let her know that you have your own suspicions. If she asks you a question, answer it. Give all the supporting proof for your statements. If she still has a "strong feeling" that you are "up to something", then there is a chance that she is "up to something" as well.
She is Enamored by Sensual Desires
Woman reach sexual maturity earlier than men. However, despite popular belief, the need for it goes longer than men. So, if you both are not having a very active sexual relationship lately, yet, you find that she keeps contraceptive pills with her at all times, and keeps buying new sexy lingerie, there is a chance that she is cheating on you.
Taking In The View
However, if she "tries it on" and shows it to you, leading to the two of you having a great time, there is a chance that she is loyal. A woman who is loyal to her man, will do all in her power, to keep the relationship as hot as possible. Most women have the motto, "anything to please my man!".
She doesn't Speak her Mind Anymore
Your spouse, who once used to share every tiny detail of her day with you, suddenly becomes cool and nonchalant. While this may initially seem as a refreshing change of events, there is a chance that someone else is hearing about her mind. This could mean that she is emotionally cheating on you, with a "friend". Emotional affairs, mostly start unknowingly, and almost always turn sexual in the long run.
So, if you really want to stop your loving wife from succumbing to temptation, keep an eye out for emotional affair signs, as well. She will mostly tell you that he is "just a friend". Now, if you are a smart man, you know that the term "just friends" seldom means just that.
What should You do?
Well, if you have a cheating spouse, there is a possibility that you drove her into it. This is because seldom does a woman indulge in infidelity purely out of the fun of doing it. Surveys and studies have proved that majority of women who go outside the marriage are either being abused by their partners, or are not satisfied in the relationship and have serious relationship issues. This could be either sexual satisfaction, or emotional satisfaction or both. Nonetheless, you can still get her back.
Solution 1
Increase the romance in the relationship. If you want her to be as beautiful, sexy, and loyal as she was in the start, then you need to be as charming, good looking, and romantic. So, get your act together. If she has started working out regularly for her lover, join her. Start looking good for her. Try to win her all over again. Take her for romantic dinners and make love to her the way she NEEDS. All in all, if he can bring the glow on her face, you can bring the glow on her face AND the sparkle in her eyes.
Solution 2
Find out who is she cheating with. This "friend" of hers may be a nice guy, but if he is partaking in cheating on you, then he is definitely not the right guy for her. Just as all primitive males, you need to prove that you are the alpha male and regain your territory. Prove it to her, that her new "friend", is an absolute nothing as compared to you. Become the "friend's" friend.
Treat him well, be the bigger man. Then slowly, give her more than she gets from the friend. Be it attention, love, understanding, romance, shopping, or sex. Prove it to her, that you are the best choice she ever made. On the other hand, if you find that she and her new "friend" are really in love, you have the option to confront her and let her go. This way, you may lose your wife, but you will gain her eternal respect.
Solution 3
Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to confront her. If your doubts are on an all time high, confront her. Don't do it in an accusing manner. Make sure that you have mustered all the love that you have in your heart, look into her eyes and ask her. She will get uncomfortable, she may even pick a fight and walk out.
Give her the time that she needs. Once she calms down, give her a chance to come to you and confess. When she does, ask her what her intentions are. Remind her that you love her like no one ever loved anyone. Tell her that she means the world to you and that your marriage is very important to you. If she still chooses the other guy over you, then let her go. It only means that she finally found the man of her dreams. If it makes her happy, it should make you happy. But, most probably, she will break down and make up her mind to be faithful to you.
The society has a weird notion that cheating is a man's prerogative. However, that is not true as it is far easier for a woman to cheat, as compared to a man. Furthermore, a partner's love, trust, and understanding is what can keep his wife loyal towards him.
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