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Flirting Tips for Shy Guys

Flirting Tips for Shy Guys: An Intellectual Topic Does the Trick

A surprising number of guys and young men turn cold at the thought of approaching girls or women they are attracted to. Some even go to extraordinary lengths to avoid facing such a situation, yet, long for getting the girl they desire, by their side. Guys, take heart, there is hope. Here are some simple tips and techniques to overcome this shyness and approach women and girls fearlessly and confidently.
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Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
As unbelievable as it may sound, many men and young boys find it really difficult to communicate with a girl or woman they are attracted to. Especially. when it comes to flirting. The shy nature of many men also becomes a hindrance in such a situation.
Flirting is basically a way of communication between people who are attracted to each other and is a totally natural behavior. This activity is totally natural, and you would find that it as old as the existence of man. It is, however, a difficult mode of communication because apart from normal speech, many different indications and signs, like body language and tone of speech become an integral part of this type of communication. Believe it or not, even animals, especially mammals, flirt. Sometime back, I read a column in the newspaper that gave some good flirting advice for shy guys and girls. The columnist made an excellent comment by saying "...flirting is a mode of communication...we human beings were in fact born for it...god wants us to flirt..." Might sound a bit absurd but you know what, it is true!
The flirting tips for shy guys cannot be given in some random stepwise guide, that would make you a good flirt and would help you get a date. These are some tips and points about flirting that would help you overcome your shyness, when it comes to flirting. Hence the first tip, 'Why Shy?'!
Get a teacher. A teacher, as in not some love guru, who would chalk out a plan for you to get a date, that's nonsense and doesn't work, ever. What you need is plain and simple advice from a female friend, who would teach you and tell you how to flirt, or rather communicate with a person of the opposite sex. Your friends would not only help you overcome shyness but would also help you understand how to communicate sincerely. With appropriate help and advice you will realize that flirting is something that should not be taken up very seriously, but at the same time, it must not be too casual, but simple and sincere.
Presentable, pleasant, and pleasing are the 3 magical P's of flirting. It is very important that you are presentable when you approach a girl or a lady. They should not feel repulsed by you. Hence, self grooming is very important. Self grooming includes shampooing your hair, shaving, grooming your beard or mustache, wearing crispy and well-ironed clothes, dressing up properly and perfectly, flossing your teeth, etc. Seems like a very long list, but it would not take more than half an hour every morning. This grooming would not only make you presentable, but also able and confident. For personality grooming, you might start off by reforming your speech, or your behavior on the whole.
Moving on to the next P, that is pleasant. To become a pleasant person, first of all you need to learn to be happy. The key is to start smiling and laughing more. Today, we tend to worry a lot, unnecessarily. A simple smile would make the person whom you are approaching, feel pleasant. After all who does not like a happy and smiling guy! Smiling and being happy not only makes YOU pleasant, but also tends to help you in becoming more confident and purposeful. It enhances your personality to a great extent.
Pleasing is another very important aspect of flirting. Pleasing does not mean just some random flattery, but it means being sincere and true to yourself and the person whom you are attracted to. For example, if you use a pick up line, let it be nice and natural. A nice pick up line (that is obviously not repulsive), when used truly and sincerely, sends out a very positive vibe.
Have a look at the reasons for why you should follow the 3 Ps.
  • She will not be repulsed by your approach and would like to have a nice conversation with you.
  • If she does not like you in 'that romantic manner', she would reject you very politely and would not embarrass you, because you are a nice guy.
  • There is a strong possibility that even if she rejects you, she would develop a very good friendship with you.
  • The best possibility - she would go out on a first date with you. Maybe you have met your soulmate, and are ready to begin a heavenly relationship.
If you follow the 3 P's you would also become a very good person with a magnetic personality, automatically helping you flirt, without bothering about such tips. The key to become a good flirt is bringing forth your nice and charming personality before the world, which you know, lies hidden inside you.
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