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Hair Straighteners for Men

Hair Straighteners for Men

Hair straightening is the latest trend in men's fashion. There are many different methods by which men straighten their hair. In this article you will get a brief overview on them.
Bidisha Mukherjee
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
This is a known fact that men are into hair care now much more seriously as compared to a few decades ago. Getting the right haircut is also quite important. Men who have curly hair want to make them straight because it becomes easier to manage. Moreover, some of them are more interested to make them straight to get the hairstyle of their favorite Hollywood movie star. Hair straighteners under several brand names are available in the market which will help you to get rid of your curly hair.

Flat Irons

This is the most method of straightening among men. Irons with a variety of plate sizes are available in the market that can suit various textures of men's hair. They are suitable for both thick as well as fine hair of any length. The flat iron with plate sizes as small as 1.1 cm is ideal for short hair that has fine to normal texture. As the size of the plate is small, it is very light in weight and easy to use. For those who have a thick, coarse and curly hair, medium-size plates are a better bet. In this case, the length of the plate is about 2.4 cm. Due to its larger plate size, straightening can be done a bit faster. Even cordless hair straighteners are available, and are convenient to carry around and give a quick styling. Wash the hair and comb it well before you use the flat iron. The impact of flat iron is very intense on the hair so it has more damaging effects. In humid weather condition, straightened hair tends to get frizzy.

Hair Products

There are two types of hair products that are used for straightening hair - oily and non-oily. Some of the oily products are petroleum-based and the other ones are silicone-based creams. You just have to apply the product on your wet hair and comb it well. The oil coating on the hair will help to keep the hair straight. It works well on all types of hair, and does not have any damaging effect. However, the oil attracts dust and dirt. The straightness will remain as long as you do not wash the product off. After every wash you have to reapply it. The main ingredient of a non-oily product is polymer which keeps the hair stiff. It works in an almost similar manner as the oily product. It requires skilled hands for its application. So you may have to take the help of a hairdresser to apply it. The disadvantage of both the hair products is that they fail to give the hair its natural look.

Blow Dryers

You must have noticed that when your hair is wet, it is straight and it curls up as it starts drying. This happens because bonding between the water and the proteins present in the hair helps to keep the hair straight. So if you dry your hair using a blow dryer, then you will be able to keep the hair straight for a longer period of time. The working principle of the blow dryer in this case is the same as the ironing of clothes. Hold a section of your hair straight with the help of a comb or hair brush and then start blow drying it. Continue this process till you have covered all the hair. It will give a natural effect to the hair. This is best done by a hair dresser instead of doing it yourself. This process is not going to give the required effect if your hair is too curly. It also causes some harm to the hair.

All these straightening solutions are not very expensive and are capable of giving you the hairstyle of your choice in just a few minutes. However, one word of caution - excessive use of straighteners may lead to hair loss. So, do not overuse them.