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How to Be Funny Around Girls and Have Them Adore You Pronto

How to Be Funny Around Girls
Women love funny guys. This article lists some great tips to help you be funny around girls.
Geeta Dhavale
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018
Humor is a quality women love. Girls like to laugh, and they appreciate a man that can make them laugh no matter what. Sometimes, it's difficult to approach a girl and be funny off the fly. There are moments when you get so flustered that you might say something inappropriate rather than humorous. The following tips will make sure you never fumble again.
Know the Girls Well
Before you attempt to approach girls, try to get to know them first. If you are in college and know the girls already, get to know what they like. Get a general idea about their background so that you can come up with relevant jokes. For example, smart girls appreciate smarter, more complicated jokes rather than a knock-knock joke.
Slow Start
Do not jump on silly jokes immediately. First, try to build some rapport with them. Once the conversation starts, say something slightly humorous. Try to see their response and say things accordingly. This initial phase is very important. If you think they are responding to your jokes positively and naturally, then they are enjoying your company. If not, it's a signal for you to leave.
No Offensive Jokes
Never make the girls uncomfortable by saying something about them or their family. For example, avoid making slapstick jokes about doctors if the girl is a doctor or is studying medicine; it may offend her. You can go for such jokes after few meetings when they know that you are just joking and have no intention to hurt their feelings.
Joke About Yourself
This is the best way to make the girls laugh aloud. Use some embarrassing and funny instances from your life to create jokes. This also shows the girls that you are very unpredictable, thrilling, and can handle embarrassing situations like a sport. This helps to bring them closer to you.
Tell a Story
Merely telling a joke is not enough, creating the right atmosphere is very important. Sometimes the situation or joke is hilarious, but if you do not narrate it well, it becomes dull and sad. So, you must have a good sense of timing and good storytelling abilities. Perfect your delivery and you'll have girls bursting with laughter.
Prepare in Advance
Only thinking about how to be funny around women you like will not help you, you have to come up with creative jokes at unexpected times. If you cannot crack the smart impromptu jokes, then keep some funny quotes and sayings in mind so that you can use them whenever you need. You can direct the conversation to what relates to your preparation and use it accordingly. Get to know what girls like and what makes them laugh, and prepare the jokes in that way.
Be Yourself
This is one of the most crucial aspects. Be confident about yourself and about your jokes. If you are nervous, your jokes tend to reflect that. So, be cheerful and confident.
Body Language
Body language has immense power, it is more hilarious than verbal jokes. People can easily forget the jokes, but not the funny body movements. So try to make funny physical movements while cracking jokes. A funny dance with exaggerated movements will keep the girls laughing for a long time.
You can also use the tips if you are wondering how to be funny around friends. These tips will help you attract the attention of women and engage in good conversation with them. A guy with good sense of humor is always desired and admired by girls, so go ahead and have a hearty laugh.
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