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Mustache Types

A List of Different Mustache Types With Pictures

This is for all you guys! If you want to know the different mustache types that you can sport, this is the article for you! Read it and decide which one you want.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018
Captain Jack Sparrow decorated his. Charlie Chaplin had a teeny tiny one. Albert Einstein's immortalized his. Hulk Hogan prided himself on his one. Mario and Luigi, wouldn't be so adorable without it. What am I getting at? Their mustaches, of course! What were you thinking? All the personalities (and video game characters) mentioned above are well known for the different types of mustaches that they sport. In fact, if you take their mustaches away, they may appear as unrecognizable and inconspicuous as anyone walking on the street. Well maybe not Captain Jack Sparrow. But you get my point, don't you? This article will throw some light on different mustache styles that you can try out.
Hitler Mustache
Hitler's Famous Toothbrush Mustache Style
Grow a full mustache. Then shave off the sides of the mustache, keeping only an inch or two right below the center of the nose.
Hungarian Mustache
Great Hungarian Mustache Style
Pull the hair on two opposite sides in such a way that it remains big and full in the center and tapering towards the ends.
English Mustache
English Mustache Fashion for Men
This mustache begins at the upper lip, right in the center, and as it grows, it is pulled sideways into whiskers curled upwards.
Fu Manchu Mustache
Fu Manchu Mustache Fashion for Men
This one begins normally, and as it tapers, towards, the ends are allowed to grow long and turn downwards, often times, way below the chin
Dali Mustache
Dali Mustache Style for Men

Salvador Dali, the famous artist sported this style: an extremely narrow mustache at the upper lip, and the ends curving sharply upwards.
Handlebar Mustache
Handlebar Mustache Fashion for Men
This mustache is bushy at the center, and tapers towards the end. The edges are very gently curved upwards to resemble a handle.
Chevron Mustache
Chevron Mustache for Men
Allow enough growth on the upper lip, and any excess or stray hair must be cut or trimmed to give the face a neat and mature look.
Petite Handlebar Mustache
Stylish Petite Handlebar Mustache
A trimmer version of the handlebar mustache, this one is neater and more slightly more curved than its big brother.
Horseshoe Mustache
Horseshoe Mustache for Men
Quite similar to the fu-manchu, the horseshoe mustache ends on the face, while the fu manchu extends even below the chin.
Painter's Brush Mustache
Painter's Brush Mustache Style
This one resembles a Chevron, but does not have the curve on its underside. Instead it is flat and resembles a paintbrush.
These were some styles that you can try to wear, in case you want to give your face a different look. Keeping your mustache neat and trimmed is important to prevent your face from looking like a hairball. Have fun with them!
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